Are you Damaging your Hair Dye?

damaging your hair dye

Did you consider the risk of hair dye damage before having your hair coloured?  I don’t doubt that you did.  But now that you have beautifully glossy hair, without a grey in sight, how do you maintain it?

Here are the things that you could be doing that will damage your hair dye and send you scuttling back to the hairdressers far sooner than you should need to.

Don’t worry, we have the solutions for this problem too.

Using The Wrong Dye

Firstly it is important to make sure that a professional dye is used to achieve your desired hair colour.  A permanent colour will look better for much longer than the semi-permanent alternative.

Using Sulphate Shampoo

A shampoo that contains sulphates will strip the colour molecules from the cuticle of your hair.  Check the ingredients of your favourite shampoo to see if it contains sulphates switch.  Take a look at shampoos which are labelled “colour safe”.

Using Styling Products that contain Alcohol

You will need to check the ingredients again for alcholo, as if you are using styling products that contain alcohol your colour could be fading fast.  This is amplified further if you spend a lot of time in direct sunlight.  You don’t need to boycott your favourite up-do, simply opt for alcohol-free products.


If you enjoy a visit to the local pool, or you behave like a mermaid on holiday, then the chlorine in the water will dry out your hair, removing its shine and, yes you’ve got it, causing your colour to fade.  Rinse your hair with fresh, cool water before taking a dip.  Your hair will soak in the fresh water which creates resistance against the chlorine.

Chilling on the Beach

Anything that is left in the sun without protection either fades or burns.  This is the same for your hair so you should run a conditioner with a high SPF through your hair before spending long periods of time in the sun.  For extra protection don’t forget your hat.

As long as you have your hair coloured by a professional the risks of hair dye damage are few.  Following the guidelines listed above will ensure that you don’t damage your hair dye and you will have beautifully shiny, glossy hair colour that will last.

Hard Water

Hard water can have several negative effects on the condition of your hair and skin. The result of using hard water when showering has proven to reduce the brightness and results in fading of hair dye.


Now you know what to keep an eye out for so you can look after your hair properly once it’s been dyed. Do you have any top hair dye tips?  We would love you to share them with us, please leave a comment.

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