How to achieve a Hollywood Smile with Dental Veneers

If Only You Could Achieve a Celebrity Smile

We’ve all seen it; celebrities, reality TV casts and film stars all parading around with a set of pristine and perfect pearly whites. Ahhh, if only you could achieve that same beautiful smile

You’ve tried everything – teeth whitening toothpaste, flossing, braces, and even steering away from sugar, curry, and coffee. Yet, you still can’t get your teeth to look like those you see in the Hollywood movies.

You Can With Cosmetic Dentistry

Well, the answer is you can! Because many celebrities have in fact achieved their gorgeous gnashers through undergoing cosmetic dentistry?  And so can you – it’s not exclusively for the rich and famous but is now, in fact, more widely available.

City Bridge Dentist in Winchester Could Help

City Bridge Dentist Winchester - Dental Veneers

For instance, dental veneers from this Winchester dentist are one of their most popular procedures. And they’re a great way to create the stunning smile you’ve always dreamed of. At this particular cosmetic dentist in Winchester, they use porcelain veneers. This gives a very natural look and corrects gaps, crowding, and protruding teeth, and whitens discoloured teeth.

Remember, in order to get that smile you’ve always dreamed of, it’s vital to use a qualified professional. Here in the South of England, seeking out a cosmetic dentist in Hampshire is the best option. It means you’ll be able to show off that million dollar smile and at the fraction of the cost.

Celebrities and Their Cosmetic Dentistry

Here are just three cases of celebrities who have had cosmetic dentistry (who knows they may have even popped into a dentist in Winchester!):

Tom Cruise

Tom Cruise - dental veneers

It’s hard to imagine the devilishly handsome Tom Cruise not looking perfectly red-carpet-ready all the time. Especially as he is widely known for his award-winning Hollywood smile. But before he shot to superstar fame, the Top Gun and Mission Impossible actor didn’t always sport such a great set of teeth. They were very discolored and misaligned. He has had several procedures to correct his smile, including teeth whitening, straightening, and veneers.

Cheryl Cole

Cheryl Cole - Dental Veneers

Often referred to as the nation’s sweetheart. The singer and former X Factor judge is one of the country’s most beautiful performers and is a major style influencer. Previously, Cheryl’s teeth were longer, crooked and more pointed.  After visiting a cosmetic dentist, she now displays that gorgeous iconic smile we all know and love her for.

Reality Stars

TOWIE Stars and dental veneers

Far too many to showcase individually. It seems almost every reality star has had some sort of cosmetic work done, including dentistry.

Everyone from TOWIE’s Joey Essex, ex-Celebrity Big Brother winner Rylan Clarke, and even former X Factor contestant Cher Lloyd. All have undergone a mouth makeover. Joining the long list most recently is MTV Geordie Shore star Scotty T. He proudly took to social media to unveil his new set of teeth after having composite dental veneers put in.

“Buzzing to get a [naughty] makeover on me teeth by @robbiehughes84 he’s worked his magic in one day with Composite veneers #pingin #evenmorelush.”

If you want the ultimate Hollywood smile then use the secret that all celebrities are using, loose pigment makeup to create highly pigmented lipstick or gloss.

Which other celebrities do you know that have had cosmetic dentistry? Let us know your favourite celebrity smile.


  1. But the growing demand for cosmetic dentistry is occurring in an industry that largely lacks regulation, and does not demand more than basic training. Any high-street dentist is able to offer veneers and – with prices at anything from ?400 to ?1,000 per veneer – make a very good living from it too, all with the full support of the profession’s leaders.

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