New Year, New Smile, New You – A Guide To Cosmetic Dentistry

The New Year Marks a Fresh Start and New Beginnings For Most People

As 2017 has kicked in, many of us will set resolutions which we vow to stick to. But by mid-March, we’ve forgotten all about it.  Maybe you want to overhaul your appearance, but aren’t sure how to. If you are thinking of starting with your teeth, this guide to cosmetic dentistry will help.

A smile makeover is the perfect way to start the year with confidence and pride.  Cosmetic dental treatments from those such as this cosmetic dentist in Hampshire are a great option. It’s safe, cost-effective and provides beautiful, long-lasting results. Plus, it requires minimal effort on your part. So, that’s a resolution you’re guaranteed to keep to.  

In our guide to cosmetic dentistry, we’ve rounded up the range of treatments available for an ultimate New Year smile makeover:

Teeth Straightening

teeth straightening

Long gone are those torturous days of ‘metal mouth’ braces that made your teenage-self resemble a horror movie extra.

Orthodontics have advanced significantly over the past decade. Now there’s a range of new, comfier (and best of all), discrete treatments available.  Adult braces have become an acceptable cosmetic dentistry trend in modern society. Options include traditional ceramic braces, invisible ones and lingual braces which go behind your teeth.

So, there’s a treatment for you – whatever your teeth straightening need and budget.

Teeth Whitening 

teeth whitening

Let’s be honest. We all wish our teeth were as pristine and pearly white as the models on the toothpaste adverts. We religiously buy teeth whitening products and drink less tea and coffee. We’ve even tried those ridiculous natural whitening fads that we’ve searched online. But our teeth remain discoloured and stained. Professional teeth whitening is the safest, most cost effective, and long lasting method guaranteed to give you visible results.

Remember, it’s vital to use a qualified and legal professional dentist because uncertified teeth whitening is dangerous and illegal.

Dental Veneers

dental veneers

Dental veneers have recently become one of the most sought after cosmetic dentistry treatments.

The explosion of social media and celebrity culture has skyrocketed people’s desire for that classic Hollywood smile. Porcelain veneers are the perfect option if you seek a stunning, white and movie star smile.  It creates a very natural look to correct gaps, crowding and protruding teeth.  It also whitens discoloured teeth.

Aesthetic Fillings and Crowns

fillings and crowns

Have badly damaged and broken down teeth?  Fillings and crowns are the best options to restore and repair any fractures.

Crowns cover all surfaces of the tooth whereas fillings are used to repair cavities. Unlike traditional metal fillings, which aren’t aesthetically pleasing, porcelain is used to strengthen your teeth for a natural look.

Dental Implants

Dental implants have surged in popularity in recent years and is one of the best restorative treatments for teeth.  They are permanent replacements for failing or missing tooth roots, coming with titanium supports for replacement teeth, such as dentures, crowns and bridges.  Dental Implants enable the restoration of a natural smile, improving the patient’s confidence and comfort.

Have you considered getting cosmetic dentistry treatments this year? Did you find this guide to cosmetic dentistry helpful? Or perhaps you have other New Year resolutions. Comment below on what you’re most looking forward to for the year 2017.

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