Don’t Let Common Foot Problems Trip You Up

Foot problems have become more common in modern life due to several lifestyle issues like a sedentary lifestyle, lack of a proper workout, bad eating habits, bad posture and bad shoes.

Sometimes foot problems can occur during exercise, and there are also diseases like diabetes which can cause severe foot issues. It is important for your health you know the signs and symptoms of common foot problems, here are a few of them:

Feeling Pain in your Heels

Plantar fasciitis causes heel pain, which is a result of a tissue inflammation. This is usually felt in the morning. Wearing the wrong shoes can cause havoc with your feet.

Abnormal growths can also occur on the bottom of heels, called heel spurs. They can be caused by bad or incorrect posture, a bad style of walking and even from running.

Heel spurs usually don’t cause pain, although they can hurt during vigorous movement. It is only those that suffer from flat feet or high arches that can suffer from painful heel spurs.

Physical Strain Can Cause Foot Pain

Metatarsalgia is a condition that causes pain in the ball of your foot. This can be caused by shoes that are unhealthy for your feet, or from strenuous physical activities such as repeated running or jumping.

Foot Problems Due to Bad Shoes

Corns and calluses are caused by pressure or irritation in particular areas of the feet, the skin becomes extremely thick in a particular area. This is generally caused by bad shoes, however diabetic people are also prone to this problem.

Morton’s Neuroma is another complication generally found in women due to wearing high heels. Tissue thickens around the nerves which then causes pain or numbness.

When Diabetes Attacks Your Feet

The demon called Diabetes invites several nightmares, and foot problems is one of them. It causes nerve damage or neuropathy in the feet which brings burning or stinging pain that feels like electric shocks.

Orthotic Insoles

For all of the aforementioned mentioned foot problems, orthotic insoles can offer a solution.

The term ‘orthotic’ refers to a footbed that is placed inside a shoe. You can have custom orthotics, particularly designed according to the shape of your feet or the type of problem you are facing. Alternatively you can buy standard orthotic solutions from department and shoe stores.

Custom orthotic insoles are designed with an advanced knowledge of medical science to provide adequate support to your feet during a walk or run. The comfortable soles provide uniform support to the arch of your feet. Even a severe issue of flat feet can be addressed with orthotic insoles.

Orthotic shoe insoles are very effective when worn in day to day shoes as a precaution, to prevent common foot problems.

It is not just adults that suffer from foot problems, but children too. Children’s orthotics or childrens insoles are also available to support their feet during sporting activities to prevent injuries. Be advised that foot problems or foot pain can start at an early age.

Don’t be a Slave to Foot Pain

Arch supports and orthotic insoles are an affordable solution for mild or moderate foot pain. It is of course advisable to consult your podiatrist before buying or ordering orthotic insoles.

It is quite easy to neglect your feet, but it is a big mistake if you want to be carried around in comfort for years to come. The health of you feet is very important and you should do all you can to maintain it and stamp out any foot health problems at an early stage.

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