8 Essential Permed Hair Care Tips

Permed Hair Care Tips

Perms are back and they have certainly moved on from that big hair don’t care look, with many softer, subtle looks available. Hooray!

So you have just walked out of the salon with your new permed hairstyle, no signs of a perm gone wrong, but rather a full head of beautiful, bouncy curls. But how do you keep your perm in great condition and looking like you have just stepped out the salon?

Chemically permed hair, just like colour treated hair, needs special care. We have put together a list of permed hair care tips to keep your style on point and not like a perm gone wrong:

Hair Washing

After your perm treatment the chemicals need time to penetrate and lock into your hair strands to retain the curls, regardless of whether it is loose waves or small tight curls. Hold off from washing your hair after the treatment for at least 48 to 72 hours. The longer the better.


When you eventually do wash your hair, it is important to use a shampoo that has been recommended by your stylist. Alternatively choose a shampoo that is designed for chemically treated hair and is sulphate free to avoid stripping your hair of essential oils.


Conditioning is a must for permed hair, again with a conditioner designed for chemically treated hair. Gently run a wide toothed comb through your hair whilst the conditioner is on and then rinse thoroughly. This will help with de-tangling and will separate the hair strands to give renewed bounce when styling.

Hair Drying

Perm gone wrong

Where possible leave your hair to air dry naturally. Of course with the time demands of life this is not always possible. If you need to use a hairdryer make sure is on a warm or cool setting and use a diffuser attachment. Your hair will dry out and and become brittle if you use a high heat when styling.

Hair Up

Don’t tie up your new style for the first 48 hours after your perm. Rubber bands, tight hair clips, in fact anything that restricts the movement of your hair is a no no. They will flatten your curls, ruining their look. Something they won’t bounce back from.

Hair Trims

As with any hairstyle, regular trims help you maintain the ideal length and shape of your style. Regular trims will make your curls look better, give them a lift and renew their bounce. If you hair is damaged at the ends it will make your hair look frizzy, not flattering at all.

Perms are most definitely back and they are looking amazing too. Have you recently had a successful perm, or are you a victim of a perm gone wrong? We would love you to share your experiences, good or bad, in our comments below.

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