5 Great Photoshoot Ideas

So, my best friend’s birthday seems to surprise me every year, heaven knows why as it is on the same date every year. Yet, I always seem to be chasing around for the perfect gift idea at the last minute. I know I really should be more organised.

I had already considered the possibility of a makeover photo shoot for two but we have already done that, although years ago before the laughter lines had set in. To be honest I am not sure that I would be happy sitting for hours in front a brightly illuminated mirror whilst a makeover artist desperately tries to make me look 10 years younger. It sounds right up my friend’s street though, she loves a bit of pampering.

On looking into this idea further, it seems that the options for “photoshoot ideas for her” have moved on over the years and some of the options were well worth considering. Here are a few of my favourites:

1. Boudoir
This style of photoshoot has fast become the sexy new trend. The photographs are usually taken wearing a variety of evocative, slinky lingerie accessorized seductively with jewellery, killer shoes and glamorous make-up. A boudoir photoshoot helps women of any body shape or size feel confident about themselves, a la Gok Wan. The resulting photographs can then be treasured as a reminder of female beauty and strength. Display them where you will, or place into a “little black book” for a partner as a seductive gift.
2. Fashion Makeover
A great opportunity to glam up and pose for the camera. My friend would definitely enjoy a team of experts styling her hair and applying her make-up to make her look simply perfect. With advice on how to style your outfits and work the camera, I am sure it would result in some amazing snaps than can be kept forever. When you use expert makeup artist you know that they will use the best cruelty free makeup. They advised us to start using more loose pigment makeup as these can be used anywhere, your eyes your lips, your face, all over your body. My best friend loved her eyeshadow which was created with loose glitter pigments.
3. Pinup and Vintage
This style of photoshoot is designed to transport you back to the glamorous world of the 1950s. Watch yourself being transformed in front of a scene setting, decadent Hollywood makeup mirror with lights all around, just like an old-fashioned movie set or back stage at the theatre.  Step in front of the camera as a smouldering 50s film star or forces sweetheart, sporting a fitting hairdo and ruby red lips.
4. Bestfriend
When you have been best friends with someone for a very long time it becomes easy to take your relationship for granted.  A great way to remind each other is with the sentimental gesture of a photoshoot which will leave you with memories to last a lifetime. Get together and do some of your favourite things and take a photographer along with you to capture your special moments. Celebrate your friendship!
5. Superhero Shoot
These photoshoots started their popularity with children’s parties, what child doesn’t love dressing up as a superhero? However, recent newspaper stories have shown them becoming more popular with families and result in amazing keepsake photos of damsels in distress and hero rescues. You need to let photoshoot location ideas run riot to get the most from this style of shoot. Train lines and railway tracks spring to mind.


There we have it, five fantastic photoshoot ideas. Take your inspiration from this, and go and have a wonderful time on a photoshoot with your friends. Which one is your favourite? Let me know in the comments.

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