Family Friendly Music Festivals – The New Dance Craze?


Family friendly music festivals held in the afternoon so that the little peeps can be tucked up by bedtime have been a London’s dance craze for the past couple of years, believe it or not. And, it’s just about to move further afield, to the outdoors just like a real adult version.

Hobbledown kids farm in London, are all set to hold their first Mini Festival of Colour and Sound for children, not only to enjoy hot dj tunes but also go wild with powder paint.

What an amazing idea, I feel quite disappointed that I didn’t think of this idea myself. Especially as I spend most of my wintry Saturday afternoons dancing around the house to super loud tunes with my young ones. Just to wear them out really, oh and because I am just a tincy bit crazy. Just how fantastic is it that you can be part of real rave and take your children along to share the experience with them too.

Just how did kid friendly music festivals come about?
From seasoned ravers of course! The experiences of bygone raving days, thrown together with new found parenting challenges came the epiphany of baby raves. These events companies provide relaxed, entertaining and safe environments where adults can enjoy themselves as much as their children and vice versa.

The venues are quirky, unusual and sometimes even daft. They include pubs, clubs and even art spaces which all add the ambience of a real rave. The events are truly unique with top DJs and guest artists providing demonstrations, masterclasses and workshops covering everything from hula hooping to synthesiser techniques and all set to light too.

So what’s in store at the Hobbledown mini festival?

True to form a quirky and exciting venue, however this rave has an added twist – COLOUR! The baby ravers at this party will leave the event amazingly multicoloured, along with their parents of course.

Having previously been involved in a paint fun run I can vouch that the paint used in the colour run was completely safe and made for great fun and some amazing photographs. I can only imagine this being even more fun with children, dancing and top class DJs.

“This afternoon / early evening fiesta will allow the post-dance generation of parents to share the old-school dance floor with their kids – and still be home by bedtime.”says Hobbledown General Manager, David Long

To end such a unique experience of music and dancing with a paint throwing extravaganza will indeed provide families with memories to last a lifetime.

What do you think of raving with your children? Have you already been? Let us know in the comments.

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