Make Bathtime Fun With These Funky Bathroom Ideas


Although you may have to share your bathroom with your little darlings, a fun and funky design will make bath time much more fun. So, if you need some child friendly bathroom ideas, keep reading!

It is not easy sharing a bathroom with adults, let alone little people. It can be frustrating dealing with toothpaste splats, puddles on the floor, toys in the bath and well, I won’t even mention the toilet seat or loo rolls.

A fun, kid-friendly bathroom remodel could be the inspiration needed for the children to learn to keep the bathroom in order for whoever wants to use it.

If you are lucky enough to have the option of creating a separate bathroom for the kids you can really go to town with kids bathroom decor. For the best possible results consider the following to make wash time more enjoyable:

  • The size of the bathroom
  • The ages of your children
  • Their favourite colours, characters and themes
  • Safety and storage

Theme it for them

You know your children better than anyone, so are sure to know their favourite characters and themes. Design the whole room around a character from a favourite film or cartoon or simply choose a more generic theme, perhaps animals, beach, under the sea or even the circus.

Fun, Fresh and Funky

Be sure that the space looks like it has been designed for children when you are finished. Fill it with bright colours and child friendly bathroom accessories. This way you are far less likely to encounter tears and tantrums at bath or shower time. Bold primary colours for walls and accessories are a safe bet, with bright illuminated mirrors to bounce around the light.

Bear in mind the ages of your children and try a child-friendly bathroom design that will grow with them, particularly if they are already close to their teenage years.

Child-Friendly Materials

Is it just me or do kids seem to break almost anything? With this in mind make sure you opt for child friendly materials that are durable, indestructible would be ideal. Choose floor and wall  coverings that aren’t easily chipped, ripped or stained. Fixtures and fittings should be able to withstand wear and tear too, choose door fittings, toilet roll holders and towel rails wisely.

Think Safety

Children plus water could be a recipe for disaster. Be sure to put safety measures in place. Non-slip bath mats, non-slip steps for toddlers to reach the taps and the toilet and perhaps even  some grab bars in the bath or shower. All will save them from sliding around the bathroom like a slippery fish.

You may want to leave a lock off of the bathroom door if you have young children. They are very inquisitive about these things and it is so easy for them to lock themselves in creating panic on both sides of the door.

Safety door catches on cupboards are advisable too, particularly if you store any medicines, cleaning products or even toiletries in them. The last thing you want is your child foaming at the mouth and not know what they have tried drinking.

Storage Solutions

A well designed tidy bathroom will teach your children how to be organised and encourage them to keep their bathroom clean and tidy. Use storage baskets, buckets, bins and hooks to provide a place for everything. Label items with names or pictures so that your children know where everything goes. Leave no excuses for them to learn to be tidy from a young age.

Get down to their Level

Remember that this is a child friendly bathroom, so accessories, hooks, shelves, mirrors, and mirrored cabinets should all be at child friendly height. Make sure that any illuminated mirrors are eye level for the children and that they can reach towels, robes and toothbrushes.

How do you find sharing a bathroom with children? Perhaps you have recently carried out a kid-friendly bathroom remodel. We would love to know. Share with us in the comments.

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