Hair Dye, Allergic Reactions and Lifelong Problems

A large number of British women dye their hair on a regular basis, whether that’s to eliminate grey hairs or to create or maintain a new look. Whilst it’s safe to do so most of the time, very few are prepared for the horrible consequences that the chemicals in hair dyes can cause. Chemicals such as phenylenediamine (PPD), ammonia, hydrogen peroxide and persulfates are all ones that people can be allergic to. Many women ignore the damage that hair dye can do, and some don’t know that they can cause allergic reactions.

Allergic Reactions

Allergic reactions to the chemicals in hair dyes are becoming increasingly common and are unfortunately the result of a hairdresser failing to carry out a quick skin patch test prior to the hair colouring treatment. Symptoms of allergic reactions to hair dye can often cause burning sensations to the scalp, skin damage which can destroy hair follicles resulting in permanent hair loss and even shedding of both the skin and hair.

Real Life Story

Jo Thomson was dying her hair using the Schwarzkopf Live Colour home kit, but despite carrying out the recommended patch test she still suffered terrible hair dye damage. Unfortunately whilst dying her hair she experienced an extreme allergic reaction.

Her face swelled up to twice its normal size, she lost her sight and feared for her life as boils erupted all over her body. She went to her GP who told her that she was having a mild allergic reaction and sent her home with antibiotics.

Soon after that she was unable to open her eyes, so her sister took her to the hospital. She then had an operation to save her sight, a brain scan and a lumbar puncture to drain her spine of the toxins before returning home four days later.

Although her skin has largely healed, Mrs Thomson is still scarred from the experience and is now colour-blind and suffers from anxiety and agoraphobia meaning she is unable to leave her house.

Compensation for Hair Dye Damage

Many women across the country have suffered hair dye damage resulting in
baldness, the massive problem is the emotional trauma it causes. It’s hard to understand
the psychological effects of baldness and skin damage in women, but there are compensation awards for hair dye burns caused by hairdressers which vary depending on the emotional factors as well as the psychical pain and suffering they went through.


Now you should know about the dangers of hair dye. Always ensure that the patch test is completed and keep an eye out for any allergic reactions to hair dye. Have you ever suffered at the hands of a hairdressers? Tell us about it in the comments.

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