Moving Home? Make It Simple With Our Tips And Tricks


You have found your dream home and your moving day is fast approaching. You can’t put off the packing forever, it’s time to get organised. The key to a trouble free move is all in the preparation. You likely need some good tips for moving?

The earlier you can begin your removal packing the better, and remember not everything has to go with you.

Here are our best packing tips for moving home without glitches:

Packing Materials
Make sure that you have enough packing boxes and in a variety of sizes. Also stock up on packing materials such as brown paper, bubble wrap and tissue paper.

Clear Out
Have a good sort out and start packing things into boxes that are for recycling, charity, or if you have time a car boot sale. Why not make a bit of money in the process?

Room to Move
Be sure not to fill your packing boxes to the top or they will be too heavy to move. It is also a good idea to add some packing materials to the top for cushioning too.

Box it Up
Now pack all the items that you want to keep hold of but don’t need to hand. Books, old photos, seasonal clothes, cds, old paperwork that just has to be kept, the list goes on. Now you have boxes starting to pile up everywhere..

Self Storage
Consider using a self storage unit, this way you can start your clear out and organising way before your move. Self storage companies will also be able to provide you with all the packing materials you need. With places like City Store Self Storage Luton offering 24hr access to units via a pin number, you can pack anytime of day or night too.

Be Systematic
Now you have made some room pack up the rest of the house systematically. Start from the top of the house and work down. Pack up a room at a time and clearly label boxes detailing contents and where the box should be placed in the new property.

Hazardous Materials
Make sure that any chemicals or hazardous materials are packed in together and clearly labelled. That is DIY and cleaning items such as paints, bleaches and aerosols.

Heavy Items
Pack heavy items into smaller boxes to avoid them becoming too heavy and difficult to move. This will help you avoid injury too.

Pack a couple of essentials boxes as you may well be too tired to try and unpack everything when you get to your new property. Instant access to all you need to make a nice cup of tea is essential. As are bedding and towels to make sure you can get into a nice clean bed at the end of what is going to be a busy day.

Overnight Bag
Pack an overnight bag as if you are just staying away for the night. That way you will have everything you need to settle for the night and be fresh and ready to get to work in the morning.

Smart Tools
Have a tool kit close to hand, as well as a first aid kit (just in case) and that all-important pen and paper to make notes and lists. There will be plenty.

Important Documents
Ensure that you keep all important documents like marriage, birth certificates and driving licences together. This is something else you can put into a self storage facility with many offering secure document storage too.

Make sure that the items that you need the least are packing into the removal van first. Make sure that your house insurance covers you for any breakages during the move.

Then you should be ready to go and enjoy your new home.

Did these packing tips for moving home help you? Let us know below!

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