Make Your Mirror Crystal Clean Once Again

Whether it is a glamours up to the minute Hollywood mirror, you can’t live without full length bedroom mirror, your illuminated mirrored bathroom cabinet or your stand-alone shaving or makeup mirror a streak free view of what you are doing is preferable. But, to clean mirrors without streaks comes with its challenges.

Bathroom mirrors are one of the hardest to keep clean with condensation to deal with. Wherever your decorative or functional mirrors are around your home use this guide to keep them gleaming and streak free.

The Essential Item for Cleaning Mirrors

Well my Grandad, and since my Mum, have told me to clean mirrors with vinegar and an old newspaper. Whilst this does work, and no the newspaper print doesn’t end up all over the mirror, the advice came long before the microfibre cloth. An absolute must for a streak free surface, they work wonders on your acrylic splashbacks and quartz kitchen worktops so you just know they will work on your mirrors.

Simply apply some warm water to the surface of the mirror and dry, using circular motions with your microfibre cloth.

Fight the Grime for Sparkle and Shine

If you have a mirror that is a little more dirty, perhaps your dressing table mirror with the remnants of hairspray, then washing up liquid is what you need.

Dilute a little washing up liquid in warm water. Wipe the solution over the surface of the mirror and dry, in circular motions, with a microfibre cloth.

The Steam Free Mirror Dream

Just how annoying is it when you get out of a relaxing bath or a refreshing shower that you can’t see a thing in the bathroom mirror for condensation. Unless you are lucky enough to have a demister mirror, this is something that we all experience right? Well we have a top tip to make this a thing of the past.

Clean mirrors with shaving foam. Smear a light covering of shaving foam over the surface of the mirror. Wipe it away with some kitchen towel and then buff clean with your microfiber cloth. Hey presto, no more condensation, no more obstacles to your grooming routines.

Now all the mirrors in your home will be gleaming.

Do you have a top tip for getting mirrors sparkling clean? Or think our tips will help you clean mirrors without streaks? I’d love to hear about it and perhaps try it out myself. Let me know in the comments.

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