Why is it Important to Always Read the Care Label?

Care labels in clothing garments are important indeed. The information displayed on the printed or woven label is key to the care and maintenance of your garment, keeping it in the best possible condition and even extending its lifeline.

What information will you find on a woven care label?

Garment labels contain essential information regarding the composition of the item, the washing or dry cleaning instructions as well as its size. This helps the buyer pick out the correct size which makes labels for clothes a key part of the purchasing cycle.

You will find the following guidance detailed on the care label:

  • Whether the garment has to be professional dry cleaned or hand washed
  • The temperature at which the item can be washed in a washing machine
  • If a specific washing machine cycle is required, such as delicate or gentle
  • If the fabric can be tumble dried or should be air dried
  • Whether the garment should be tumble dried on a low or high setting
  • The temperature at which the item can be ironed if at all
  • Any other special instructions the manufacturer deems necessary for the care of the garment

Where would you find the care label on a garment?

Due to the importance of a care label it is securely sewn into the seams on the inside of the garment to ensure that it lasts for the garment’s whole life. It is impossible to remember the care instruction for every item in your wardrobe, you will often be referring back to this invaluable woven label.

What would happen without a garment care label?

Without a care label, we would not have the correct guidance on how to wash and care for our wardrobe items, which could lead to long-term damage or even ruining the fabric.

Labels for clothing have a huge impact on whether a consumer will purchase the item. Many consumers may not be willing to invest in clothing that has special care instructions, such as dry cleaning or hand washing for example.

If the instructions on the sew in labels are not followed there are risks of:

  • The fabric ripping
  • Washing or drying too hot could result in the garment shrinking
  • Washing or drying too hot could also result in some fabric melting
  • Washing at the incorrect temperature could cause bright colours to run, ruining not only said item but also others in the wash load

In summary

Always read the label! We are quick to read the garment swing ticket in the high street store to find out how much our desired item costs. So be warned, cherish your favourite items for the longest time possible by reading the woven label and following those very important care instructions.

Unfortunately once an item is ruined because it has not been cared for as per the garment instructions displayed on the woven label you are unable to return it.

Have you ruined a favourite item because you didn’t read the label? Perhaps you have been put off of buying something because of how it has be cared for. Share your experiences with me in the comments.

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