6 Things You Do That Damage Your Hair

As we forge forward on our mission to look perfectly groomed, younger or even “on-trend” are we putting our natural assets in jeopardy, thinking of today and not even contemplating tomorrow?

With hair in particular we:

  • dye it
  • perm it
  • bleach it
  • extend it
  • crop it

Actually, there isn’t much we don’t do to it!  Should we not be protecting our locks instead of damaging them?

The styling and chemical treatments that we put our hair through can change the overall matrix of the hair, and if the cuticle of the hair is damaged the inner core is exposed which causes dry, lacklustre, static hair.

Here are 6 ways that we are damaging our hair to the detriment of our quest for perfection.

#1 Bleaching
Bleaching hair changes its structure which makes is weaker and means it is more prone to breaking.  Once you add drying and styling to that, you are heading for split ends and dull locks.

#2 Perming
When hair is permed, the inner bond of the hair is broken and then re-formed back together in a different way.  As with bleach, perming can leave your hair looking brittle and susceptible to breaking.

#3 Colouring
Although highlighting and colouring with semi-permanent dyes is not as damaging as bleach there are still pitfalls, with the largest being an allergic reaction to a product which can be horrific,  so make sure you are always patch tested. Aside from that, constant colouring of roots or hiding the grey will, overtime, cause dryness. Hair dye damage from using permanent or semi-permanent colour is evident when hair is looking lank, dry and brittle.  This is the price we pay for constantly colouring our hair.

#4 Straightening and Blow-drying
Blowing, drying and straightening your hair daily can lead to permanent damage due to the heat causing changes to the bonds that hold hair together.  Rather than having super shiny hair you will actually make your hair look dull.

#5 Braiding and Ponytails
Wearing your hair up in a ponytail or braids, particularly if pulled tight, can cause the hair to break leaving permanent damage. You hair is even more fragile when wet, so avoid putting it up until it is dry and adopt a looser style.

#6 Hair Extensions
Over time hair extensions or weaves can cause you hair to break and as these are often adhered at the root the damage can be harder to mask.  An itchy or achie scalp can be an indication that the roots of your hair are under too much pressure and the extensions should be removed to protect the hair.  The best advice is to opt to grow your hair instead of go for instant length.


Now you know the different things that can damage your hair, you may think about how you look after it. You should also think carefully when considering a new hair style or colour that leads to lengthy maintenance, which could have a knock on effect of causing lasting hair damage.

Take Heed: If your hair has been severely damaged from hairstyling or colour treatments there is nothing that can be done to repair it….

A good hairdresser can only minimize the appearance of the damage.

What have been your highlights or horrors when visiting the hair salon?  Tell us all about it in the comments.

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