The Wet Shave vs The Dry Shave…

35 days, the length of time spent on the most manly of morning rituals, shaving!  So it is safe to say that a man’s morning grooming routine in mostly centred around this activity. But many do not know whether they are shaving the right way.

There is much debate over which are the right tools for the job to achieve the perfect finish. Over the past 10 years there has been an explosion in the male grooming market with products becoming more and more advanced and costly.

The manual approach using a razor and shaving cream is preferred by some gents, whilst others favour the electric razor to rid them of stubble.

But which method is the best?

Take a look at the advantages of both methods and make your mind up for yourself.

Benefits of the Wet Shave

A closer shave is the biggest single argument for the wet shave.  Modern technology in the design and manufacture of shaving blades allows for a much closer shave than an electric razor.

There is a certain manly tradition and sense of luxury with a wet shave, which allows you just that little bit of time to yourself.  Many of us have our music on digital media, yet still love to listen to vinyl.

As well as removing stubble from the face, wet shaving also removes the top layer of skin.  A great form of exfoliation, which not only leaves behind super smooth skin, and leaves you looking younger.

Although razor blades can be expensive, there is not the immediate costly outlay for wet shaving as there is for the purchase of an electric razor.  Getting the right electric razor for you may involve a bit of trial and error too, which can end up resulting in wasted cash.

Benefits of the Electric Razor

Electric razors can be washed under running water to keep them clean and hygienic.

Most are rechargeable, ideal for plugging straight into a bathroom mirror shaver socket, leaving all of your grooming essentials organized and in one place.

If fully charged this type of razor is easy to use on the go.  Great if you go the gym before work or stay away from home often.

The electric shave is definitely quicker and more convenient if time is limited when the alarm goes off in the morning.

Thanks to modern technology an electric shave can be a wet shave.  Using warm water softens the hair prior to the razor working on the stubble.

If you do not go for the clean shaven look all of the time, a electric razor can also be used to control beard length or produce a designer stubble look.

Nicks and cuts are avoided when using an electric razor.

Last Words
There is no right or wrong choice to your shaving method, but simply the one that suits you best.  There is always the option to combine the two, a luxurious wet shave for that closeness and the skin care benefits, mixed with the design stubble look on occasion groomed with an electric razor.  Perfect!

Let me know which your favourite method of shaving is by leaving your comments below.

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