Hot Tub Cinema – Hip or Belly Flop?

Whilst looking around the Internet recently looking for ideas for hen party ideas for a very dear friend of mine I came across Hot Tub Cinema. I simply had to share this discovery although I am not actually sure what my thoughts on it are at the moment.

Hot Tub cinema has been held in Shoreditch, London for some four summers now using temporary sites around the area. Mixing the concepts of water and movies comes across a little strange to me but then more and more people are installing a television or use portable technology in their bathroom to watch movies, so perhaps it isn’t that unusual.

The site is setup with lines of temporary hot tubs for which the participants either pay for a pair of tickets or book a complete tub to share amongst six people. I think I would rather book a tub and make sure it was full of my friends rather than being included in a tub with strangers adorned in swimwear.

Tents are setup as both changing rooms and a bar area so you just need to turn up with everything you would usually take to the beach and exchange your cash for “beer tokens”. Anything taken to the tub area will get wet, so your belongings are left in a secure cloakroom.

Once you have been assigned your tub you sit in it for the duration of the movie. The cost of a private tub comes in at £210 and a pair of tickets is sold for £70. So, not a cheap night out but one that could be lots of fun as waiters go between the hot tubs delivering beer, champagne and boozy slushies.

Although defined as a “cinema” I feel sure that none of the normal cinema etiquette is observed with popcorn definitely not on the menu. In fact I wonder if any of the film is actually viewed at all and rather the emphasis being on socializing in this rather unusual setting. The age of participants is anything from 20s through 40s, although all act like teenagers with mindless flirting and body proud posing.

Although these “cinemas” look great fun I don’t think it will be something they will be doing in hot tubs in Hampshire anytime soon. However, it has made me consider setting up something similar in my garden for my good friend’s hen party, including the waiters of course.

I wonder if I can hire a hot tub in Hampshire?

Have you been to a Hot Tub Cinema event? Is it something you fancy giving a try? I’d love to hear your thoughts.

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