To Winterise Or Utilise: The Hot Tub Yearly Saga

utilise hot tub

There are plenty of people who love to use their outdoor hot tub all year round.  The relaxation and enjoyment of your spa doesn’t have to stop in the winter months.  Soaking in bubbly hot water, sipping hot chocolate and watching the steam rise and roll away has got to be the height of luxury.  Although this romantic picture may have the snow fall missing from around you hot tub in Portsmouth, a chilly winters evening will still set the scene and will allow you to fully utilise your hot tub all year round.

So are there any particular preparations that need to be carried out to use your hot tub during the winter months?

Of course there are, follow these hot tub maintenance tips to ensure your hot tub is kept in tip top condition. Follow our tips to utilise your hot tub!

#1. Many hot tubs have a freeze protection system.  If you have this function make sure it is activated with the heat settings much higher than in the summer months.

#2. If your hot tub has a timer/auto heat mode make sure it is selected to protect against freezing.

#3. Maintain the water temperature, it is less expensive and more efficient than heating the water from cold when you want to use the spa.  It will also prevent the water from freezing in the pipes.

#4. Ensure that the plumbing system has been flushed and the spa drained and cleaned prior to the winter months.  It is no fun doing it in the cold weather.

#5. For energy savings ensure that your cover is in good condition to hold the heat in the hot tub.  A worn cover could mean that rain water may leak into the spa, the cover could become heavy to remove or may even collapse.

#6. A Floating Thermal Blanket is a good investment to lower the heat loss and reduce the build-up on moisture on the inside of the hot tub cover.

#7. Maintain a good water level.  If the water level drops to a point where the pump shuts down you could run the risk of the hot tub freezing as the water will not be circulated.

#8. Daily checks to monitor the temperature will make sure the spa is functioning properly.  A digital thermometer will allow wireless monitoring of the temperature.

If you are not the type of family that are likely to enjoy your hot tub during the cold weather there is also the option of draining your hot tub.  A drained spa will save you money on running costs and chemicals, however most winter spa damage is caused by freezing due to improper draining.

If you are going to winterise it is advisable to use a professional company to do this for you.  UK Hot Tubs, for example, offer a service to winterise you hot tub and restart it for you in the spring months. Winterisation is the best way to protect your hot tub for the period that it is shutdown.

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