Easy Steps To Upscale Your Bathroom

The bathroom is usually the smallest room in the house which is why it’s important that you follow these next 5 steps to help make you bathroom appear much bigger and spacious.

Light colours are best

– A lightly painted room will definitely help with making a room appear larger. By updating the walls and tiles with a bright/light shade it will help to brighten up any room, not just the bathroom. Also by painting the walls a white or cream colour it will help to bounce light around the room creating a more spacious effect.

Let the light in

– A bright room will always feel much larger and spacious than a dark room. You should try swapping your dark and heavy coloured blinds for a frosted glass window, declutter the windowsill and clear away all unused toiletries and empty bottles. You should ensure that the bathroom is well-lit at night whether that’s with an extra bright light or a mirrored bathroom cabinet with LED lighting.


– Are you planning on revamping your bathroom this 2015? You should try picking yourself some new mirrors for the bathroom. Illuminated mirrors will add that modern spark to any bathroom.

Keep it uncluttered

– The more space you have in the bathroom the bigger it will feel. If you’ve finished with your toiletries you must remember to throw them away to avoid any unnecessary clutter. The fewer things you have in the bathroom the bigger your bathroom with appear. If you keep it looking clean and tidy it will make the room seem much more spacious.

Keep it simple

– If you opt for fancy and detailed tiles with lots of decoration it can be quite harsh on the eyes. Stick to a simple/modern design. You should avoid fussy curves and keep to angles that guide your eyes upwards and outwards.

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