5 Romantic Valentine’s Day Budget Ideas

Whether you love it or loathe it, Valentine’s Day is rapidly approaching.

A time to celebrate and express your love and devotion to your significant other, even the most lovesick of cupids can struggle to generate exciting and romantic ideas to last the entire evening

A western creation, when it comes to showering your other half, the price of love, needn’t be expensive.

For those struggling souls racking their brains, we have come up with 5 fantastic Valentine’s Day budget ideas, allowing you to celebrate Valentine’s Day, but on a budget.


Here Are Our Top 5 Valentine’s Day Budget Ideas:

1- Organise a Stay at Home Dinner

When it comes to organising a stay at home dinner, don’t be caught in the habit of ordering a pizza and wearing your comfiest pair of lounge-ware. Instead, go all out, cooking a mouth-watering spread whilst dressed up to the nines. Along with looking spectacular, you can also treat your significant other by treating them to your secret cooking skills while enjoying a meal to remember.

Along with keeping costs to a minimum, by planning a budget Valentine’s Day dinner at home, you can remain comfortable while still celebrating the special evening.

2- Find a Free Activity

When it comes to gifts, no longer are we wanting to part from our hard-earned money for material goods. Instead, more and more of us are choosing to invest in ‘memories’ experience gifts. When it comes to planning Valentine’s Day budget idea, have a look for free events and activities in your local area. Whether it is your local museum, or visiting the latest exhibition at an art gallery, you will be amazed at what you will see and what you may discover.

3- Bake Your Own Treats

Who doesn’t love to give chocolates, and eating them too?! This year consider making your own treats. A meaningful and thoughtful gift that took time to make, you may discover a new hobby as you mix the batter for your homemade heart-shaped biscuits. Allowing you to experiment and get personal, give the gift of homemade baked treats this Valentine’s Day.

4- Have a Movie Night

For those couples trying to count their pennies, another fantastic idea for a budget-friendly Valentine’s is to curl up and organise an epic movie night. Instead of dragging yourselves out in the wet and rain, cuddle up under a warm duvet with a bowl of popcorn and put on your favourite films to enjoy together. Whether it is Titanic or the Notebook, be confident that you will have a memorable Valentine’s, basking in one another’s company.

5- Go Gift Shopping Together

It’s Valentine’s Day and all you want to do is spoil your other half, showing them how much you appreciate their support throughout the year. Buying gifts doesn’t have to be difficult. By going gift shopping together, along with being confident that you are purchasing something that they are going to love, you can keep costs to a minimum, as you are both aware of the amount that is being parted with.

6- Pack a Picnic

Pack a picnic I hear you cry! But it’s February? Another superb way to enjoy and celebrate this year’s Valentine’s and that is to pack a picnic with blankets and thermo mugs of piping warm hot chocolate. Whether you choose to go to your local park or to a nearby beach, snuggle up with a delicious spread of your favourite nibbles and if the sun has set, light some tea lights for added romance.


7- Run a Bubble Bath

For those wanting to plan a spectacular, grand Valentine’s Day on a budget, the mere thought of a bubble bath may seem absurd, but it needn’t be. As a society, we are always busy and on the go, never stopping. Give the gift of self-care and the opportunity for your partner to stop, calming and reviving their flustered soul in the nourishing hot waters of a freshly run bubble bath. For added romance, dim the lights before lighting some scented candles and popping open a bottle of your finest wine.

There you have it, 7 fantastic ways that you can use as inspiration to plan a spectacular and memorable Valentine’s Day on a budget. Allowing you to plan a low-cost evening, these recommended ideas allow you and your significant other to relax from everyday stresses, underwind and slow down within one another’s company. With something for everyone, make Valentine’s Day a personalised and meaningful occasion spent in the company of loved ones.

What did you think of our ideas? Perhaps you have a Valentine’s Day budget idea that you think we have missed. If so, comment below and share your top suggestion.

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