Makeup Room – Obsessive or Necessary?

I had never come across such a thing until I was scouting around YouTube for makeup organisation tips and tricks. Then a whole new world was opened up to me, the walk in makeup closet and even makeup rooms. Do these only exist in America or are there girls here in the UK that are just as obsessed with makeup?

I am sure the boom in these girlie retreats has been spurred on by what is now a huge industry, that of beauty vlogging. Vloggers happily post video’s of makeup room tours and openly talk us through their products in front of their glitzy makeup room mirror, you know one of those Hollywood mirrors with lights.

Another reason that I think these makeup room escapes have come about is because there are so many beauty professionals working from home, creating their own organised, tranquil retreats for their clients. The makeup room decor in these home salons rivals that of luxury high street salons, although often with a much more personal eye for detail, as well as them being maintained to a much higher standard. The beauty professionals personal income depends on it.

I am now completely jealous and want one for myself.  The organisation of plethora of makeup and beauty products is outstanding, even if I do think that the level of interest in everything glamour is slightly obsessive. It’s like walking into your own special room, to get ready for your prom, or your special wedding day.

Nonetheless some of the makeup room organisations are outstanding.

Like this makeup room on YouTube:

I can’t help but wonder if it is a little overindulgent to take up a room in your home for vanity, but then if you have the space why not? In fact my young daughter who is really into cruelty free makeup and her room, aside from her bed, is pretty much a makeup room. Although as she is a teenager, her organisation leaves little to be desired, and she is always losing her loose glitter pigments so maybe a pure makeup room would be a good idea.


In conclusion, yes I think a room purely for makeup and beauty products is obsessive but how amazing would it be to have your own girly retreat, beautifully decorated and organised with the most amazing Hollywood mirror and led lighting? Imagine how good all of your loose pigment makeup would look in colour coordination along with a shiny white shelf surround by all of your palettes and lipsticks.

I’m sold. How about you? Are you already trying to work out which cupboard, wardrobe or even room in your house is going to get the makeup room makeover? Let me know in the comments

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