9 Essentials a Girl Should Have in her Handbag

 A girls handbag goes pretty much everywhere with her, usually because she can’t be without what’s inside.

But do you even know the contents of your bag?

I have recently been asking myself exactly why it is that I drag my trusty bag with me everywhere.  I wonder could I possibly survive a shopping trip, or popping out for a spot of lunch without it.

It turns out that I can’t, however there was no need for there to be quite the array of contents, or even collectables that were in there.  So, after a good declutter I have defined my handbag essentials as follows:

1. Purse
It goes without saying that you can’t possibly be with your trusty bank/credit cards and a small amount of cash.  These are usually contained within a purse or wallet along with an assortment of receipts, cute photographs, stamps, offer coupons, oh I digress this is a whole other article.

2. Keys
Well, you can go out without your keys, but you certainly won’t be getting back in again, or driving your car anywhere.  A handbag is generally a protective harbour for your keys not just for taking them with you but for keeping them in a safe place simply so you always know where they are.

3. Mobile Phone
Can you EVER be without your mobile phone?  It’s our lifeline, our memory bank, schedule, magazines, newspapers,  music collection, photo album, torch, and so on and so on.  Our phones also eliminate a number of items that perhaps we found essential to carry with us in the past, a pen and notebook for example, or a camera.  I am sure it won’t be long until mobile phones eliminate the need for us to carry cash or credit cards at all.

4. Hand Sanitiser
In the name of hygiene, hand sanitiser is a must in your bag.  Just think how many times in a day you come into contact with germs by exchanging money, shaking hands, door handles, cash machines or even sneezing or coughing into them.  A little health consciousness is required here ladies, pop that little essential bottle in your bag.

5. Compact or Illuminated Mirror

What girl goes out with a compact?  Should you get something stuck in your eye, or need to check if your makeup has run from crying with laughter or simply to check your teeth for the remains of your lunch, a mirror is a must.  I have an LED illuminated mirror in my bag which I love and would not be without. Now I know that you can use your phone to take a quick selfie to check how you look, but a compact, or illuminated mirror is a lot more discrete and chic.  And of course, your reflection in a mirror is far superior quality than a picture.

6. Lipstick/Lip Balm
So go on, have a little peek in your bag and count just how many of these items you have in there.  Me too but it is so hard to decide on just one colour or flavour right?  A good lipstick or balm is crucial for protection from the weather and also to change from a day to an evening look with a few sweeps of good red lippy.

7. Hair Brush/Hair Bobble and Pins

A girl must always look her best of course. A couple of emergency hair makeover items in your bag are a must.  A hairbrush.  I carry a mini version in my handbag, easy for a quick tidy.  I also carry a few hair grips and a bobble, so that I can quickly change my style to and updo if my day or evening suddenly takes a different direction.

8. Headphones
Well with your whole music library ensconced in the depth of your bag on your mobile phone, you are going to need something to listen in with.  Headphones are also great for escaping, even if it is only for a few minutes at lunch, to drown out the noise on public transport or pass the time whilst walking from A to B. So, don’t go anywhere without them.

9. Tissues
A handy pack of tissues in a neat plastic wrapper is ideal for your handbag.  It’s back to hygiene and also looking good. Don’t you just want the ground to open up and swallow you if you get the sniffles or spill something and you don’t have a tissue to hand?  Be prepared and always keep a pack handy.


So is this list of handbag essentials you should more or less than you would usually carry in your favourite bag? Could you live without any of the things I’ve mentioned? Perhaps I have left your essential item off the list.  Let me know in the comments.  

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