How to Make a Hollywood Mirror

Have you dreamt of a Hollywood Vanity Mirror since you were a young girl? Or perhaps you know a young girl that is begging and pleading for you to buy one right now?

While there are many choices available for those who are considering buying a Hollywood mirror, for those wanting to save some money, why not discover how to make a Hollywood mirror?

Keep reading to discover how to make a Hollywood mirror for yourself, but also the simple tools required for adding some glamour to your daily routine.

What is a Hollywood Mirror?

Unsure of what a Hollywood mirror is? For those not yet familiar with these glamorous styles of mirror, then let us familiarise you with them.

A fun and bright mirror, whether placed in your bedroom or in the bathroom, Hollywood mirrors are bright and bold and come illuminated with either bulbs or a light source around the mirror to help you see what you’re doing better.

This light source allows you to fully see yourself and make sure that your makeup is perfectly applied before stepping out of the front door. 

Unlike the traditional Hollywood mirrors that would have graced the changing rooms in famous theatres and bars, these mirrors now available come with an exciting array of features for your benefit. From LED energy saving lights, adjustable brightness to Bluetooth speakers. Hollywood mirrors are the perfect accessory for taking your beauty routine to a whole, new glamorous level.

Why wouldn’t you want one? 

Not only are they a glamorous, fun accessory for your bedroom but they are practical too, giving great, evenly distributed light source for your makeup application.  Great for making those YouTube vlogs!

If you can’t find the perfect style or size for your bedroom space, or perhaps you don’t have the budget for some of the more luxury styles on the market, why not make a Hollywood Mirror?

It seems from YouTube that everyone is having a go at making cheap Hollywood Mirrors. Although this video I have found is not a tutorial, it will certainly give you a good idea of how to make a Hollywood mirror, what you will need and the prices that potentially could be involved.

Here’s it what I learnt from the video:

Remember to use all tools and equipment safely. Things that you will need:

The light bars bought were intended as wall lights, adapted slightly to make great Hollywood mirror lights. They were rewired for their new purpose and a three pin plug was added for the power source.

Sticky pads were used to attach the light bars to the sides of the mirror with the excess  wire being attached to the back of the mirror for safety.

The final touch was to add the bulbs.  Choose your bulbs wisely, they are expensive. Larger bulbs were found to both look better and be brighter.

The on/off switch for the lights was affixed to the bottom of the mirror within easy reach.

This is by far the most basic and cheap Hollywood mirror that I have found on YouTube. It demonstrates that anyone can put together something on a budget, even if it’s in its simplest of forms.

I personally think that the result was very effective and the Hollywood vanity mirror certainly serves its purpose and has made its owner very happy!

Now, I’m off to Ikea!


There you have it, the tools and equipment that may be required if you are considering having a go and making your own Hollywood mirror.

For those who are not great at DIY and want to avoid the hassle of making their own mirror, there are many fantastic shops out there who offer spectacular Hollywood mirror lights at an affordable price.

Have you had a go at making anything like this? Maybe you have made a YouTube video about how to make something.  Please share it with me in the comments.

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