Warning: Hot Tub Maintenance Neglect Leads to Ill Health


If a strict hot tub maintenance routine is not adhered to, particularly in “high traffic” spas, you could come away from your relaxing soak with a lot more than you bargained for.

The opportunity for a leisurely soak is now widely available to the public in health clubs, hotels and events like Hot Tub Cinema.  Even the movies are cashing in on their popularity with movies like Hot Tub Time Machine.

Before you head to your local spa you should know the RISKS you could be taking if the hot tub repairs are not dealt with efficiently or it is not well maintained.

Hot Tub Chemicals

Just because a hot tub contains chlorine it does not mean it is safe.  It is imperative that the chemical levels of the tub are correctly maintained in order to kill off any bacteria.  Bacteria reproduce even quicker in warm water, so the heat alone does not kill them off either.  It all about the correct level of hot tub chemicals.

What are the risks to you?

Hot Tub Rash

Also known as Recreational Water Illness (RWI), is a form of Dermatitis.  It causes red, itchy blotches on the skin.  It will usually clear up on it’s own in approximately 10 days.  Uncomfortable all the same.

Toxic Shock Syndrome

Although this is rare to catch from a hot tub – it is still possible.  The germs can transfer from another user of the tub that carries them.  They enter your system through any small cuts or scratches you may have.

Coughs, Colds and Legionnaires Disease

Calming bubbles or toxic spheres of germs?  

A badly maintained tub can harbour germs in the pipes which the water jets deliver and the bubbles disperse into the air for all to inhale.  Breathing in these germs can lead to a simple cough to something as serious as Legionnaires disease.  Although rare there have been reports of cases of the disease coming from hot tubs, including the one found at the Playboy Mansion.

Soak in Safety

All that said, there is no need to boycott what is a relaxing, calming activity that does have many health benefits.  However, to ensure you are using a tub that follows a strict hot tub maintenance routine it may be advisable to invest in your own.

Is a hot tub something you will be investing in this summer?  Let us know.

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