Why Birthdays at Christmastime are the Best

Why Birthdays at Christmastime are the Best

,Here I go again, sat in front of my computer Googling “kids parties in Surrey” looking for Christmas birthday ideas for kids in the hope of giving my daughter the best birthday party ever.

The truth is, I don’t know why I bother. The Christmas season is already jam packed with fun things to do. And let’s face it most activities aren’t available at any other time of the year. That teamed up with the kids unmeasurable excitement for everything Christmas should equal stress free Christmas birthday party planning.

Well, it should. To be honest my daughter doesn’t bat an eyelid, and it is me, the mother, feeling that I can’t live up to the challenge of Birthday vs Christmas. But, do I even need too?

After chatting it through with said birthday girl and coming up with these reasons why Christmas birthdays are the best, I don’t think so.

Accept the Competition

I always feel disappointed that my daughter is in competition with Christmas, and that her birthday never seems to receive the individual attention it deserves. This is not how my daughter feels though. She embraces that she is sharing her birthday celebrations with the highlight of the year, and loves getting her friends together to join in. They never need much convincing as the festive season is all about parties from start to finish. I need to take a leaf out of her book and start to enjoy sharing.

Thrive on the Positives

As my daughter progresses into adulthood I am sure that her Christmas birthday will get her out of many of the Yuletide tasks. For example I am sure she will never have to be the chief chef, dishwasher, or even host. Well, everyone deserves to be spoilt on their birthday right?

With everyone feeling festive she is likely to see many more people on her birthday. More friends and family are likely to be around and on a break from work. Definitely time to party.

A Christmas birthday also means that you will never have to go to school on your birthday. Bonus.

There should be no reason why people should forget your birthday either. Especially if it actually on Christmas Eve or Christmas Day.

Postpone It

Everyone is having fun, partying, and celebrating. It’s Christmas after all. So, if you are not one that wants to share the limelight simply move your birthday. This is among the best Christmas birthday ideas.

We have done this before, not because of the competition of the season but because my husband was away with work. Everyone will understand and will enjoy having another party to add to their list of engagements.

Decorations and more Decorations

Just imaging how many decorations and lights you will have up for your birthday. And if that’s not enough, you can add some birthday ones into the mix too.

Christmas Birthdays have got to be the most glamorous and flamboyant events of the the annual party calendar.

You can always segment your birthday cards from the Christmas ones to make a strong birthday girl statement.

Combined Presents

How can this be one of the reasons why Christmas birthdays are best, I hear you cry? Most would of course see it as a negative. But think harder, although the present may be combined, one present for two occasions, the gift is more likely to be of greater value. So, a better gift. Get in!

Most family and friends will still make the effort to buy you two gifts, but if you like to decipher them make a rule that no birthday presents are to be wrapped in Christmas paper.

You could even find yourself receiving too many gifts. If this is the case ask people to keep them until your birthday party or for the date you have moved your birthday to. Another top Christmas birthdays idea.

So do you agree now, that Christmas birthdays are the best? I am converted, no more scratching around for Christmas birthday ideas for kids or Googling “kids parties in Surrey” for me. If my daughter is quite happy to embrace her Christmas birthday then so am I.

Do you have a Christmas Birthday? What are the best Christmas birthday ideas you have had? Tell us in the comments.

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