Dont be Boring – Go Zorbing!

Not to be Boring - Go Zorbing!

I have just stolen five minutes peace and quiet just before the post-school pandemonium takes hold. On browsing through my Facebook feed, I see that my friend who has been married for some 16 years, is looking for something “different” to do with her hubby to celebrate. The comments on her post included all the usual, a meal out, cinema, bowling, casino and theatre. All had been poo pooed.Well, I don’t need much of an excuse to dive into the depths of the internet to come up with a change from the norm and find an alternative and exciting thing to do. Yes, you guessed, Zorbing!

So what is Zorbing?

Defined as an extreme sport that we have adopted from New Zealand, zorbing is the practice of rolling down a hill inside a transparent plastic ball. It really depends on the daredevil in you whether you opt for a gentle hill or something steeper and more death-defying.

You can also choose to partake in this exhilarating activity as either harness or hydro zorbing.

Harness zorbing – quite self-explanatory you are harnessed inside the ball.

Hydro zorbing – you might think hydro zorbing is on water, wrong! That is called water walking. The water for hydro zorbing, or aqua zorbing, is inside the ball with you making your journey down the hill a very slippery slope. Sound fun?

Where can I go Zorbing?

I found a number of locations around the London area. There is even a kids farm in London that offers a children’s alternative, so none of the family have to be left out. Which is great, because I get constantly nagged if I experience anything without my Tweens.

Go Zorbing London – for the die-hard, have a park dedicated to the sport.

Riders for the harnessed run are strapped-in in pairs, facing each other, to experience what can only be described as a very bouncy roller coaster experience.

Buckets of water are added to the Hydro ride, where riders are left loose to roll and slosh around as they race down the track. An exhilarating water ride.

Hobbledown Kids Farm London – for sensible family fun.

Hobbledown have added zorbing to their range of activities only this May.  The Zorbs here are cylinder shaped and are designed for the riders to run inside. A much gentler experience to that of others, although still great fun for all the family. The shape and size allows for twin riding too, so there is no excuse for anyone to be left out.

Hobbledown is a great attraction for children of all ages however, I feel it will be the older children that are racing to the zorbing arena. And Mums and Dads too of course.

I neglected to ask my friend whether she was intending to take the whole family on her anniversary trip. After I show her this article, and she has had zorbing explained, I am sure she will be leaving the children with me and going for the adult hair-raising experience!. Hummm, I wonder if her life insurance is in place?

Have you ever been zorbing? I’d love to hear what is was like and if you would do it again. Let me know in the comments.

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