Six Distinct Benefits of Apartment Living

Before we dive into the benefits of apartment living, it is important to bear in mind that:

Space is always the driving factor in hotels, and the challenge is to fit in as many rooms as possible. But an apartment is a home and it must feel like a home. Here are the benefits of apartment living that will make it just that:

Your Own Kitchen

Financial considerations and romance should never go hand-in-hand, they say. But when was the last time you had a bottle of wine and a nice spaghetti bolognese for under £10 a head in a hotel? There are massive markups on food and drink in hotels.

So come on chaps! If you are planning a cosy few days away with the love of your life, take over kitchen duties and show how much you really care about her. Surely there is nothing more romantic than spending time on a home-cooked meal in one of the many serviced apartments in Southampton.

Having your own kitchen means being able to eat whatever and whenever you like. And no more costly room service. Pop down to Tesco, load up with onions, minced beef, spaghetti, mushrooms, tomatoes and a bottle or two of their finest Cabernet Sauvignon, get chopping on the quartz worktop and fill the apartment with gorgeous aromas.

Have Friends and Family to Stay

Hotels charge by the head. Apartments have a fixed cost so there is no need to sneak friends and family in by the back door. Have as many, or as few, people to stay with you as you want – all for the same price.

The sleeping arrangements are likely to be flexible too with many apartments furnished with quality zip and link beds to accommodate your guests. A double room one minute and a twin the next. Perfect!

Your Own Front Door

The freedom and privacy of your own front door means you can come and go as you please, at whatever time of the day or night. No more knocking up the night porter or inching past an irate landlady with her hair in curlers, her arms crossed, and a look on her face that would make a hungry crocodile back off.

Your Own Telephone

Being able to make personal or important business calls from your own landline rather than through a hotel switchboard is certainly cheaper and more secure.


Car parking is a major consideration for drivers nowadays. But, as we said earlier, apartments are designed as homes so most already have parking facilities right outside. Ideal for unloaded that grocery shopping when making the best use of your own kitchen.

Time Restrictions

Gone is the hotel timetable. Gone is the breakfast deadline. Gone is last orders at the bar. Get up when you want, eat when you want and drink when you want. Oh and hotel maids won’t bother you either, book your maid service with a serviced apartment when it suits you. No need to rush out of your room first thing in the morning.

Apartments in Southampton, which are available in Ocean Village – overlooking Southampton Water – the city centre and the suburbs, offer the same maintenance service as hotels.  Any problems can be resolved by calling the 24-hour service. You will not be left to fend for yourself. Ah, the best of both worlds.

Without a doubt, serviced apartments are becoming increasingly popular as the ideal alternative to hotel rooms.

Have you stayed in serviced apartments in Southampton? How did you find your stay? Have we covered all the benefits of apartment living in this article? Share your feedback with us in the comments.

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