Education: Why Everyone Deserves An Equal Opportunity

Being a parent with a child who has autism harbours many difficulties. Educating a child with autism can present challenges. Perhaps, the hardest decision one has to make is choosing the right school for your child. After all, education takes up a large proportion of a person’s life and provides the building blocks to adulthood.

‘How can I give my child with autism the best possible education?’

The right education can make the world of difference to a child on the autism spectrum.

Every child has the right to an excellent standard of education. A child on the autism spectrum deserves the best schooling too. But, finding schools for children with autism with the right educational facilities that provide extra support and cater for the needs of your child can be difficult.

The Options for Educating a Child with Autism:

Firstly, there are many educational paths you can go down. Specialist schools for children with autism are often the first choice for parents. But, you may also want to consider mainstream school, personal tutoring or homeschooling.

Specialist Schools:

Mainstream schools with a specialist unit or specialist schools for autistic children provide a supported learning environment for young people on the autism spectrum. These can be both primary and secondary schools, with some establishments teaching students aged 19+. Specialist schools have specific resources, facilities, school layout and lesson structures tailored to a child with autism’s needs. The ethos of these establishments is to nurture a child’s individual social, behavioural and educational development. A lot of specialist schools don’t just stop with education. They usually provide ongoing support to help children with autism find employment as they grow into young adults. 

Residential Autism Schools:

Sending your child away to a boarding school for autism may sound like a scary choice. But, there’s a number of reasons why residential accommodation may be best for your family and most importantly – your child. As well as providing excellent teaching, boarding schools focusing on equipping your child with essential life-skills to enable them to live independently.

Weekly residential schools for autism also provide a perfect structure and routine for your child.  It also gives you as parents, and any siblings, well-needed respite in the home. It leaves the weekend free for the whole family to enjoy quality time together. But, deciding whether to send your child to a private school and if private schools are a good investment are two important things you need to think about.

Every Child with Autism is Unique:

It’s easy to pigeonhole a young person who has autism and take a ‘one-school fits all’ approach.  But, when it comes down to it, you know your child the most. Choosing the right education for your child with autism is a personal decision. Whatever you choose, putting your child’s best interests first is what really matters.

Have you been researching an autism school for your child? Have you had a particularly good experience at any particular school? Share your experiences and help to guide our readers with this tough decision.

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