Why You Need To Know This Before Decorating With Mirrors


Daily grooming, reflecting light, opening up spaces and generally enhancing the ambience of your living space are just a few of the reasons why we place mirrors around our homes. It is, however, very important not to hang mirrors willy nilly. So, follow our tips for decorating with mirrors, to make sure you get it right!

The Do’s

Use mirrors as a focal point

When decorating with mirrors making a feature of a mirror will effortlessly set the tone and look of any room. Take an ornately framed full-length mirror that is placed against a wall rather than hung, a grand embellishment to a dressing room. Just as amodern illuminated mirror in a bathroom can add an urban style statement.

Use large mirrors in tiny rooms

Have the confidence to go large in the smaller rooms of the home. A large mirror in a small room can add depth and give the illusion of space. Decorating with mirrors in a dining room by placing a large mirror above a dining table will create space and light. The same can be done over a mantelpiece in a small lounge to bounce around the light from a chandelier or light fitting.

Use mirrors in narrow hallways and staircases

Create a better flow through the rooms off your hallway by using mirrors to widen the space. Hang a long mirror horizontally in a narrow space to widen it and add more light.

Use mirrored furniture

An interior design style that is here to stay is mirrored furniture. Now available in a variety of styles from classic Art Deco to antique, the mirrored style can trick the mind into thinking it’s not there. This gives the illusion of space to any room.

The Don’ts 

Randomly place mirrors

Don’t just place mirrors around your home willy nilly to cover unsightly marks or drill holes on your walls. Hanging a mirror is just like hanging a piece of art, the picture is the reflection. Consider this when choosing where to put your mirror and make sure your mirror is bouncing around light and a pretty view.

Use mirrors on the ceilings

Mirrored ceilings are from 1970’s movies and should not be something that is employed in the home. It is a decorating disaster that oozes tackiness.

Place mirrors in the kitchen

There is just no need for mirrors in the kitchen. They would have to be constantly cleaned and maintained too.

Overuse mirrors in the bedroom

We need mirrors in the bedroom, definitely. However don’t overdo it and be careful where you place them. When decorating with mirrors in the bedroom consider when you actually want to see your reflection. Avoid placing a mirror opposite the bed so that you see your reflection the moment you wake up. Hanging a mirror over the headboard, behind you, would be much more stylish. An illuminated mirror vanity is just the perfect style statement for any girls bedroom.

Are you mirror crazy in your home or do you simply have a favourite? Did these tips for decorating with mirrors help?  Let us know in the comments.

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