7 Effective Ways to Fix a Perm Gone Wrong


So you took the plunge and decided to perm it up but you’ve walked out of the salon and the soft, shaggy perm beach wave style you envisaged is not at all what you have ended up with. Rather, you have been left with a perm gone wrong, a frizz of dry curls.

It is no secret that perm hairstyles can be a challenge, you have to ask why they are back in fashion. They can so easily go out of control, leaving you with a style disaster. This is often caused by the hair having been previously chemically damaged or the technician not carrying out the perm procedure correctly.

A girl’s hair is of utmost importance to her, so when it is far from “on point” it not only sends you down in the dumps but can also leave you with your confidence severely knocked.

Don’t panic we have some simple, yet very effective, tips to help you correct your perm gone wrong.

How Long Does a Perm Last?

Helping you to decipher the best solution to fixing your perm gone wrong, first you must ask, is perm permanent? With the clue in the title, Perm could potentially be short for permanent, but the lifespan of a perm varies person to person

When it comes to how long do perms last for? A perm will typically last for 3-6 months. This time frame will depend on how well you look after your hair and the type of hair you have.

How To Fix a Perm Gone Wrong?

We have previously covered whether is perm permanent and we are all fully aware of the disaster that can be experienced when perms go wrong. But how do you go about fixing a perm gone wrong? We have put together 7 top tips for you to follow in your time of need and how to fix a perm gone wrong.

Keep reading to discover how to fix this horrific experience and get your hair looking back to normal after a bad perm in no time. 

1 – Wash Your Hair

As soon as you realise your perm has gone wrong get it washed. Get it washed right there in the salon, or if you are too shy, as soon as you get home. This will rinse the chemicals out of your hair and stop the perm developing any further.

If you are not noticing much difference use a deep conditioning shampoo and repeat the procedure until the hair is feeling softer and looser.

2 – Deep Conditioning

Trying to tame your perm and prevent it from “puffing out” when it dries takes work. Apply a generous amount of really thick conditioner to settle your hair. Leave it on for 30 minutes until the hair is soft enough to untangle the curls with your fingers or a wide toothed comb. Avoid pulling the comb through your hair though as your hair is weak from chemicals and will be prone to breaking.

3 – Use a Hot Oil Treatment

Hot oil treatments are used to relax the hair and provide it with added nourishment and moisture. It will strengthen the compounds of the hair, and after a number of treatments leave your hair soft and flowing, eliminating any unsightly frizz.

Use a shower cap to cover your hair whilst the hot oil treatment is on. When rinsing through use a relaxing shampoo and conditioner then finish off with a hair serum. This process will not only relax the hair but remove some of the harsh chemicals used in the perming process.

4 – Trim Any Loose Ends

Your perm can be made to look even worse by the wispy, unruly ends that curl out in random directions. Get these ends trimmed to tidy up the appearance of the perm, or if you are brave enough you could snip these unruly ends yourself.

5 – Adopt a Daily Routine

The above tips will help to relax and tidy your gone wrong perm, but for your hair to be fully free from the perm will take time and patience. During this time it is advisable to adopt a daily routine of washing and conditioning your hair as well as applying an anti frizz serum. Scrunch the hair in your fist to settle into presentable curls. Where possible leave to air dry or use a diffuser extension on you hair dryer.

6 – Heated Styling

The use of any heated styling tools will not keep your perm under control, in fact over heating your hair could cause further damage. So curling wands and straighteners are a no no, in fact even ditching the hair dryer would be advantageous. Simply let the hair dry naturally if you can.

7 – Restyle

If all else fails and you really can not live with your frizzy curls head to the salon for a new hairstyle. Unfortunately, this means that you will probably have to opt for a shorter style to remove the damaged hair and allow for healthy re-growth. There are lots of amazing perm hairstyles for shorter hair too.

At the End of the Day…

If you have tried all of the tips mentioned above without a satisfactory outcome then unfortunately it now comes down to patience, waiting for the perm to grow longer and loosen.

Ultimately it is not what you look like, but how you present and carry yourself. Do this with confidence and a smile, people looking on probably love you your hair.

Have any of these hair tips worked for you in the past when perms go wrong? Perhaps there is a tip we have missed. Let us know in the comments of this article and share your experience with us today.

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  • December 10, 2021 at 12:14 pm

    My hair permed on Tuesday instead if neutralising it perm lotion was used and hair came out strait, how soon can I get hair permed again?


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