5 Reasons Why Seaside Properties are a Good Choice?

Before moving to a new area it is a common practice to make a list of pros and cons for the areas that you are contemplating moving to. Whether you are moving to a short term let in Southampton or buying a property in Portsmouth, for example, it is important to get it right.

The South Coast of England is a beautiful place to live but properties, many of which are seaside properties, come at a premium price but then there are many benefits to living on the coast…

Short Term Lets Available

Coastal towns and cities are a prime location for buy to let properties including short term and holiday lets. There are many that are at the luxury end of the market with stunning sea or marina views. So, if property prices scare you opt for a short term let to experience a life by the sea before committing to a mortgage.

Recreational Activities

Living on the coast presents an array of recreational activities that will keep you in good mental and physical health. For a start there is plenty of fun on the water available with activities like surfing, sailing courses, luxury ladies sailing days, water skiing, swimming and fishing on offer. Outside of the water there is beach volleyball, running on the promenade and beautiful coastal cycle paths to enjoy. And, when the sun is shining a day at the beach with the family can’t be beaten.

Why Seaside Properties are a Good Choice?

The Sun Shines More Often

It’s true. The South Coast of England gets more sun than anywhere else in the country. To be specific it is the Isle Wight, England largest island that get the most. Taking just 15 minutes in the sun every day can improve your health well being no end, with the added benefit of the golden rays putting you in a good mood. There is plenty of free vitamin D on the south coast.

Health Benefits

It has been proven that those of us that live by the sea are healthier than those that live inland.

  • Your immune system will get a boost from increased levels of vitamin D, thanks to the sunshine.
  • Regular exposure to the sun can reduce the symptoms of skin conditions like psoriasis and dermatitis.
  • Coastal air can lift your mood, reduce your stress levels and provide you with a good nights sleep. This is because the air at the seaside makes it easier for your body to absorb oxygen thanks to the air being charged with negative ions.

All of these together benefits together with have a very positive effect on your overall level of health and well being.


Social Status

Success is often linked with those that own coastal properties. Take Sandbanks in Bournemouth for example, an area of beachfront houses frequented by the rich and famous. Although perhaps an extreme example it is a demonstration of the networking opportunities that exist amongst coastal communities that are sure to increase your own social status and as well as opening doors for business opportunities.


Now are you convinced that a seaside property in a town or city on the South Coast is the life for you? If you are still concerned about taking the plunge why not take a short break or a short term let to experience the culture of living by the sea.

Already moved to a property by the sea? Tell us what you love about it.

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