Rid Those Foot Problems With Our Best Health Hacks

Foot Health Problems

It is quite easy to neglect our feet, particularly with them being so far down south. Aside from the very rare treat of a pedicure, often for birthdays or Christmas, it is commonplace to take our feet for granted even though we put them through their paces on a daily basis.

Yet, the health of our feet is so very important, particularly if we want to be carried around in comfort. They need to be treated right if we are expecting them to live up to dancing in high heels, jumping around in trainers, and kicking through sand barefoot.

So, be kind to your feet use our hacks to stamp out foot health problems:

Wear Well Fitting Shoes

Us girls certainly don’t want to hear this, but it is important to wear well fitting shoes with a rounded toe and wide practical heel. We should be choosing comfort over fashion I am afraid. Pointed, high heeled shoes that pinch and torture you feet can lead to ingrown toenails and calluses. If you insist on wearing them at least opt for good orthotic insoles to protect the balls and arches of your feet.

Squeaky Clean

Any kind of health starts with good hygiene and this is no different for your feet. When you are bathing or showering make sure you scrub your feet with soap. It is important to ensure they are dried well too, including between your toes, to avoid fungal infections which thrive on moisture.

Foot Inspection

Take a good look at your feet on a regular basis, once week if possible, to check for any problems. Check the soles of your feet and in between the toes for peeling or flaky skin that could be a sign of Athlete’s foot. A change in the colour of your nail beds could be a sign of a problem too. If they are yellowing it could be the start of a fungal nail infection.

Toe Nail Trimming

Make sure that you manage the length of your nails and that they are trimmed correctly to avoid painful ingrowing toenails. It is important that you don’t trim them down to close to the skin and you don’t round off the corners too much.

Put Away the Polish

If you suspect that you may have a fungal nail infection because you nails are discoloured, cracked or flaking away do not cover them up by applying nail varnish. The application of polish will only make the infections worse.

Don’t Forget your Flip Flops

If you are a regular visitor to swimming baths or gyms make sure you are armed with a pair of flip flops to protect your feet in public areas, including the shower. These places are notorious for the transmission of warts and verrucas.

Avoid Sweaty Feet

None of us like smelly feet and most find it embarrassing. Aside from the smell the perspiration from your feet provides the perfect moist environment for the breeding of bacteria. Synthetic socks are the answer, they are far more effective than cotton or wool. Odour eating orthotic insoles can also offer a solution to foot odour problems.

Wear Leather Shoes

In a bid to keep the air circulating around your feet to keep them dry and healthy it is advisable to wear leather footwear. This is because leather is a breathable material.
Do you focus on your foot health of is it something that you leave for your trips to the beauty salon? Let us know in the comments.

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