Crazy Makeup Challenges? Try These Now!

YouTube Makeup Challenges

YouTube is a hive of activity, with many budding YouTubers using, quite frankly, ridiculous themes in a bid to make amusing content to make followers fall in love with them to boost their follower ratings. And it works. How many of us, adults and children, get sucked into watching video after video? Before long we feel like we know these people and have a certain affiliation with them.

One of the areas that has boomed on YouTube is makeup. But these days it is not only the videos of tutorials and reviews, that are sensibly filmed in makeup rooms in front of pretty makeup mirrors with lights, that we are watching it is all sorts of off the wall makeup challenges that include the whole family. Yes, that even includes crazy dad’s, wacky husbands and quite frankly siblings that seem to have a screw loose (well slightly loose). Here are few of my favourite challenges, which if I am honest, did make me chuckle:

No Mirror Makeup Challenge

The challenge has been somewhat of a YouTube sensation which has seen stars put their Hollywood mirror aside and put on their makeup without looking at themselves. All for our entertainment.

How is it that suddenly we can’t find our features as soon as someone takes the mirror away?

The result: “I don’t feel like I am having any me time because I can’t see me”

Not My Arms Makeup Challenge

This is a two person challenge that see Zoella’s brother, Joseph, applying makeup to Zoella’s face from behind her. Zoella is not allowed to use her hands at all and keeps them placed behind her back. Again there are no mirrors, so neither party can see the makeup masterpiece forming, or not. Confused? It will all become clear when you watch the video.
The result: “Halloween is not until the end of October”

Blindfolded Makeup Challenge

For the purpose of this video this challenge is a team challenge with a time limit of 3 minutes. One member of each team is blindfolded and has to apply makeup to their team mate. Whichever team has the best makeup job at the end of the 3 minutes is the winner. Of course you need an independent judge for this one too.

Where the makeup goes in this challenge is rather hysterical and is well worth a watch for the pure craziness of it. Again there are no fancy mirrors until the reveal at the end.

The result: “the blue and the pink and the purple really suits a mermaid”

Have you tried any of these insane, but what look like good fun, makeup challenges? Do you think it is time to pack away your beautifully lit makeup mirror and put your trust into others to apply your makeup? Tell us in the comments.

Me? No way! I need to know exactly where I am applying my loose pigment makeup, although I might have a go at the no arms makeup challenge with my daughter just for the giggles. You never know you may even see me on YouTube.

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