Top Reasons to Stop Smoking – Without the Health Stuff

Is there a day that goes by that there is not an article in every newspaper that is related to smoking, new laws for smoking bans, the smoking capital of the the UK, teen smoking? Or that we walk through a building or use public transport without seeing no smoking signs thrown in our faces?

 One of the latest articles I have read talked about how creating a “stigma” around smoking, as well as anti-smoking advertising, is actually having the reverse effect on smokers. Smokers are actually becoming angry and defensive at the messages being delivered and so are more likely to continue smoking. So this means that the constant nagging at your spouse with all the reasons to quit smoking is probably not helping at all.

Every smoker will probably agree with all the health reasons to give up smoking, but giving up smoking is hard and each of us has to have our own reasons and drive to take on the gargantuan task. Whilst gory pictures of the inside of smokers lungs will do it for some, many of us need a more down to earth or practical reason to change, like these:

Smelling of Smoke
Smokers can be very subconscious about smelling of smoke. The smell is unmistakeable and clings to your clothes and hair as well as cause smelly breath. This can be a particularly sensitive area for smokers. Smelling and tasting like an ashtray is definitely a good reason to stop smoking.

Sense of Smell and Taste
The senses of smell and taste are reduced as a result of smoking. Inhaling the hot fumes from a cigarette is toxic to the senses, and has the knock on effect of smokers not being able to enjoy flavours and aromas as they once did. And we are still only at the start of our list of reasons to stop smoking.

Premature Ageing
None of us want to age prematurely, yet still so many smoke. Smoking is one of the largest culprits of premature ageing of the face. It speeds up the ageing process, with lack of oxygen to the skin resulting in deep lines and wrinkles. It also leaves your skin with a leathery texture. This would be among my top reasons to stop smoking, well from this list anyway.

Stained Fingers
We have all been able to tell a smoker from their fingers. A definite smoker giveaway are the yellow stains on the skin from holding cigarettes. These stains are a result of the tars and toxins in cigarette smoke. Yup, another good reason.

Social Pressures
Modern day smoking laws mean that smokers are now allocated areas with their very own smoking signs for their habit. This also means that smokers are grouped together socially away for those that do not partake. This is done for health reasons to prevent non smokers from inhaling second hand smoke.

This segregation can lead to smokers feeling ostracised and can push them to smoke in “secret”, or when it does not affect people in their family or social circles. That’s lots of good reasons to quit all in one go.

Online dating is increasing in popularity all the time, but how many of the ads say “non smokers only” or “no smokers please”? Being a smoker only adds yet another obstacle to getting a date or meeting Mr or Mrs Right. Increase your options and consider knocking the smoking on the head.

Impact on Activity
Many smokers get out of breath from climbing a set of stairs, so imagine the knock on effect it has on the enjoyment of sporting activities. Not one for working out? It can even affect strolls in the country, ice skating at Christmas, swimming and walking along the beach on holiday and much more. The longer you smoke the worse it gets. Stop puffing and you won’t be so puffed out.

The cost of smoking is just extortionate. The price of a packet of 20 cigarettes is in excess of £8. Smokers are simply burning their money. Imagine what you could do with an least an extra £56 per week, or £243 per month or a massive £2,912 a year. That is the cost of a very nice holiday. And this only covers the financial costs. The cost to your health is unmeasurable. Cost has got to be one of the most popular reasons to stop smoking, surely!

We would like to hear your smoking stories, good or bad. Please tell them in the comments.

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