Magic Mirror Myths And Legends

History is filled with mystical mirror myths and legends, traditions and superstitions. Apparently it is not just your face that is being reflected in your beautifully lit Hollywood mirror. Mirrors also  reflect the fears, beliefs and hopes of many cultures through history.

7 Years Bad Luck

The first time humans saw their reflection, it was believed that what they were seeing was their soul or other self, so it was believed that damaging the reflection in any way would cause harm to the soul.

The 7 years of bad luck associated with breaking a mirror dates back thousands of years to Roman times where they believed it took 7 years for life to renew itself. It was believed that if a person was in bad health their reflection would break the mirror and a run of bad luck would continue for 7 years after which time their body would be renewed and the curse would end.

Well, that is one theory. Another is that the story was invented as a deterrent against staff breaking mirrors. In days gone by mirrors were expensive and of low quality, unlike the outstanding led and illuminated mirror varieties we get today. So in an effort to avoid breakages and staff negligence the 7 years bad luck myth came about as a simple scare tactic.

Which do you believe? Whichever it is remember that when breaking a mirror you break your soul.

Bloody Mary

This legend or myth involves you standing in front of a mirror in a candle lit room and chanting the name Bloody Mary three times. Forget staring into your brightly lit Hollywood Mirror, that just wont work. An old mirror is best.

The chanting of her name summons her ghost, but beware what she does next varies and could have horrible consequences including having your eyes scratched out or dropping dead on the spot.

The story is based on Mary Worth who’s said to have been a witch who practised in the black arts. She was found out and executed.

Jewish Tradition of Covering Mirrors

It is a Jewish tradition that all mirrors in a house of mourning are covered for seven days. The primary reason for doing this is because it is believed that physical appearance is not important whilst mourning. The time should be taken to reflect on the person that has passed and the mourners relationship with god.

Another reason given is that is believed that a mirror may capture the soul of the dead person who will then be trapped. Their spirit would then be unable to pass on to the afterlife.

A further explanation that is given is that at a time of mourning there is a void or emptiness that could be filled by forces of evil that visit when a soul leaves. It is believed that glimpses of these demons can been seen in mirror, but not by the naked eye. So in order not to be scared or alarmed by these sightings the mirror are covered.

I am not sure I’m going to enjoy applying my loose pigment makeup and styling my hair at my Hollywood mirror in quite the same way ever again. Although, all of these mirror myths and legends apply to old mirrors, so I should be safe with my modern illuminated mirror. I hope!

Have you had any strange experiences whilst looking in mirrors? Or any mystical mirror myths and legends? Let us know in the comments.

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