Orthodontic Treatment: 4 Solutions to Oral Health Problems

Oral Health Problems

Oral health problems are not uncommon. Do you struggle to chew your food properly because of your misaligned teeth? Have you ever suffered from pains in your neck or jaw as a result of an uneven smile? Perhaps you struggle to look after your oral health due to having crooked teeth which can’t be flossed easy?

Well, you’ll be happy to know that orthodontic treatment can help you in so many ways. Thousands of people in the UK benefit from orthodontic treatment every year including children, teenagers, and adults.

So apart from having much more confidence and a beautiful smile, what are the other benefits to having straight teeth? Could orthodontic treatment be the solution to your oral health problems?

Eat More Effectively

Orthodontics will help close any gaps between the teeth. Having an even bite will allow you to eat more effectively as the food will be well chewed which helps with digestion. There will also be no excess pressure and wear on certain teeth.

Healthy Teeth and Gums

Straightened teeth are much easier to clean and floss therefore your overall oral health will be greatly improved as a result of orthodontic treatment. With the gaps in your teeth reduced it means that excess food and bacteria can’t be trapped. This results in a reduction of tooth decay, bad breath, and even gum disease.

Sleep Sound

If the changes affect your upper jaw line then this could also help to open up your airways, therefore helping you breathe more easily. You might find that it improves snoring and has a significant effect on your overall health and well-being.

Transform Your Look

Adults who have not had orthodontic treatment as a child may suffer from ear, head and neck pain as a result of incorrect development of the jaw during their childhood. It’s never too late to change this though as orthodontists can correct mild to severe teeth alignment including overbites, underbites, crossbites etc.

Incorrect development of the jaw is usually detected in childhood. As it is corrected in the younger years, the facial profile also improves, helping to restore balance to the chin, lips and cheeks.

In some cases you could also notice a drastic improvement in your jawline and overall profile of your face.

Looking For Orthodontic Treatments?

The cost of orthodontic treatments will vary between dental practices.

City Bridge Dental are a practise based in Winchester. Orthodontic consultations there are free and they’re a great way for you to visit the practice, meet the team and discuss what they can offer you before making any final decisions.

Call them today to find out more on 02380 220 008.

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