Mirror Care and Maintenance Tips


Mirror Care and Maintenance Tips

Mirror Care and Maintenance Tips

A mirror in your home can be many things, it can be used to create the illusion of space, intricate designs can be a work of art, led mirrors provide lighting and these days they can even be a TV screen. Mirrors are often a significant investment too and so it is important to look after and protect that investment. Here are some mirror care and maintenance tips on how to do that.

Keep them Clean

Go back to basics, a little warm water and a clean soft rag or paper towel is perfect to keep your mirror smear and smudge free. Don’t use old, dirty rags that might contain dust or grit as you risk scratching the mirror. An old newspaper can work well though.

Some cleaning solutions can contain abrasives or alkali which will damage your mirror, so avoid using them.

If you feel it is necessary to use a spray cleaner, do not squirt it directly onto the mirror. It will run down the mirror into the edges and can attack the mirror backing. Simply spray it onto a clean cloth first to avoid causing any damage.

Keep them Dry

Put them in well ventilated areas to avoid moisture building up on the mirror which can cause damage to the glass over time.

For led bathroom mirrors, or mirrored cabinets that are in places of high humidity, keep them dry to avoid damage to decorative edges, bulbs or paint.

Place them Carefully

Be careful where you are hanging your mirror. It might sound obvious, but don’t place them behind or nears doors as there is a risk of them being hit and broken.

For Mirrored Furniture

Mirrored furniture is a modern favourite. For fighting fingerprints and smudges that are likely to build up on mirrored furniture choose a lint free or microfibre cloth. Their tiny fibres are not only soft but grab and collect dust and dirt.

The mirrored finish can become damaged if any marks or spills are left for a long time, so make sure they are mopped up straight away.

Should your mirrored furniture become chipped, damaged or scratched timely repair is essential to avoid the damage getting worse.

It goes without saying that you should move mirrored furniture with great care to avoid chips, scratches or breakages. It may be preferable to wear gloves to protect the surface.

Do you have any mirror care or maintenance tips that we might have forgotten? Let us now in the comments.

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