How To Get Rid Of Constant Tiredness?

Have you woken up feeling tired and as if you have hardly slept a wink? Or perhaps you have hit 2pm and have suddenly been hit by a wave of tiredness?

If you are experiencing constant tiredness, getting over this lethargic feeling and learning how to get rid of constant tiredness can seem impossible.

To help you improve your energy levels and review you with a new sense of freshness, we have put together some top tips on how to get rid of tiredness instantly and help you go about your day with a new lease of life. 

Why are you feeling tired? 

If you are worried about your energy levels and are feeling constantly tired, there may be nothing to worry about.

It is common for people to feel tired or worn out from time to time in our busy, hectic lives.

With little downtime and a constant juggling of priorities, remembering to take the time out of our routine to rest is often forgotten. 

Low energy could be a cause of an unbalanced diet, lack of exercise and fresh air. If you are experiencing constant tiredness for long periods of time, speaking to your doctor is recommended to conduct a thorough examination. 

How to get rid of tiredness instantly?

1- Regular Exercise

Our first tip on how to get of constant tiredness and that is to incorporate regular exercise into your routine. With many benefits, it is amazing what exercise can do for our mental and physical health.

Improving our energy levels, it is the endorphins released through exercise that can give us an instant energy boost. 

As well as an improved energy, frequent exercise can improve your quality of sleep. A study in 2008 conducted at the University of Georgia found that exercise was a large contributor to increasing energy levels and made people more energetic. 

2- Eat a balanced diet

Another top tip and one that can help get rid of tiredness instantly, but also contribute to a healthier and happier you and that is the corporation of a well balanced diet.

By eating a balanced diet, you will instantly see a boost in energy levels, allowing you to continue your day but with a bit more needed energy. 

Through eating, fresh fruit and carbohydrates, alongside protein, you can build and maintain required energy levels to be released throughout the day. 

3- Stay Hydrated

For those suffering from constant tiredness, try to increase your fluid intake and stay hydrated through drinking plenty of water. 

With 60% of the body made of water, replenishing lost fluids if vital in keeping our body energized and hydrated.

For those looking for a quick pick me up to instantly rid the body of water, consider a glass of water. Along with waking the body up, a glass of water can improve brain function and make you feel more awake. 

Along with an increase of energy, studies conducted in 2014 found that drinking water can increase calmness and positive emotions, alongside less energy. 

4- Sleep better

We all sleep, but how well do we sleep? A key point to helping people to get rid of constant tiredness and that is to monitor the amount of sleep that we get

Allowing your bodies to recover and heal from the day, to maintain energy levels, sleep is key. 

Ensure that you get the recommended amount of hours, but monitor the quality of your sleep. Relax before bed, making sure to wind down before falling asleep without the presence of a screen.

Keep your bedroom clean, well ventilated and to the ideal temperature, while the addition of a strict sleep and wake up time can be beneficial in your energy levels. 

5- Reduce your caffeine intake 

For a deep and uninterrupted sleep and a top tip to how to get rid of constant tiredness and that is to begin to reduce your caffeine intake

By reducing your caffeine intake as terrifying as it may seem, can increase and improve your energy levels in the long run.

Giving you a natural energy boost, this improved energy will develop through the reduced energy crash shortly after a coffee.

6-  Review your stress levels

A surprising method on how to get rid of tiredness instantly and that is to review your stress levels. 

Stress can play a disastrous effect on both our mental and physical health and by addressing these stresses, you can see an instant energy spike. 

Unsure of how to calm daily stresses? Meditation, yoga and mindfulness practices can all help you to calm and settle the ever racing mind. Exercise and running is also a recommended way to calm, reduce stress while reflecting on any pressing issues. 

7- Say no to alcohol

When it comes to how to get rid of laziness and tiredness, start by saying no to alcohol. 

Although a glass of wine at the end of a hectic day might seem tempting, this indulgence could lead to a poor sleep quality and cause your body to dehydrate over the night. In turn, causing your body to become further tired and strained. 

If a drink is desired, drink in moderation and balance this consumption of alcohol with water to keep your body hydrated.

8- Get in control of allergies

Annoying as they may be, there is another reason that you should attempt to control your allergies. Zapping your body of precious energy levels, controlling your allergies can help get rid of constant tiredness.

This tiredness that you are experiencing is due to the inflammation of your sinuses, airways, in turn reducing the amount of oxygen that enters into the body, causing tiredness. 

Along with the common symptoms of allergies, brain fog and difficulty concentrating can all be caused by constant allergies. 

9- Quit smoking

If you are a smoker, there is another fantastic reason to give up smoking, and that is to increase your energy levels. 

This reduced energy that you experience after a cigarette is caused by the lack of oxygen.

Although quitting smoking can seem a challenging goal, by even attempting to cut down the amount you smoke, you can see a noticeable change. 

If working to get rid of constant tiredness is important, then consider this life altering change.

10- Speak to your doctor

If you have followed these top tips to improve both your energy levels and overall health, but are still witnessing constant tiredness, then speaking to your doctor is recommended. 

Able to conduct the required tests, there could be an underlying health issue that needs to be addressed and your constant tiredness could be a warning sign to act.


When it comes to how to get rid of laziness and tiredness, it can seem challenging.

With tiredness effecting us all at one time or another, changing our habits and routines could also prove useful in ensuring that our energy levels are maintained and that we are rejuvenated and able to function properly to the best of our abilities.

Have you followed any of our recommendations on how to get rid of constant tiredness? Let us know and we look forward to hearing from you shortly.

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