Easiest Ways To Clear Your Loft Spaces

Practical Loft Clearance Tips

Spring cleaning is in full swing this time of year with many of us pulling out the content of wardrobes and cupboards all over the house in a vain attempt to declutter and recycle.

That’s all well and good, but when was the last time you ventured into the loft?

You know the ceiling has been creaking under the weight of all the rainy day items stored away up there. Loft clearance is an enormous job that can’t be put off forever, and if it didn’t make your list of bank holiday projects perhaps now is the time.

Here are 5 important things that you should know before attacking this task:

Be ready for the dust

Don you face mask and paper boiler suit. You may think that this is a bit of overkill but moving boxes, furniture and even old loft insulation that has been in place for years will result in mammoth amounts of dust being disturbed. Without a good mask you could be coughing and spluttering for days.

Let there be light

Don’t enter the loft empty handed, make sure you take a good quality torch with you. There may be an electric light source in your loft, but does it still work? A new bulb may be required. Taking a torch with you will avoid nasty accidents if you suddenly find yourself in the dark.

Beware of extra tenants

You may not visit your loft often, but there are plenty of things that do. Mice, spiders, bats and birds all like the dark cosy space at the top of the house. Be careful of what you might disturb when moving around old boxes and remember that you may come across you additional tenants dead or alive.

Clutter or collections?

Boxed wedding dresses, Christmas decorations, collections of old photographs, old school books, holiday souvenirs and record collections all might be found in the loft, stored for some date in the future that might never arrive. When deciding what to keep and what to throw away it is important to ask yourself “why is it in the loft in the first place?”.

You can’t possibly need all this stuff if it is in the loft that you hardly ever visit. However, there may be some precious collections that you want to keep to hand down through the family. In order to keep them in good condition a self storage unit might be a better option than the loft.

Let it go

Clearing your loft isn’t going to be easy, you will come across plenty of items that will take you on what is probably going to be an emotional journey down memory lane.

This could put you right back where you started, hanging on to everything. A good way to know if you should let is go is to ask:

  • If the building was on fire would you save the item?
  • Would you buy the same item again?
  • Do you use the item, even occasionally?

As you are sorting pack items into categories:

  • Rubbish – ready for a trip to the local tip
  • Keep – pack and label ready for storage
  • Charity or hand me downs – let someone else enjoy the items you no longer want
  • For sale – head to auction sites like eBay and make some money

Make sure that you have some sturdy packing boxes and bin liners to hard to arrange your items.

Head to a self storage unit

If you are clearing out your loft in order to give you more space for a loft conversion head to a self storage facility with the items that you simply can’t part with.

Facilities like CityStore self storage in Luton often have special offers, plus your much loved belongings will be safe, secure and tucked away to free up valuable space in your home. Don’t worry if you don’t live in Luton, there are plenty of otherLondon self storage facilities available.

Have you recently decluttered any part of your home? Did you find anything interesting? Let us know in the comments.

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