Declutter With The Best Bathroom Storage On The Market

Declutter With Our Top 5 Bathroom Storage Solutions

With unlimited funds and unlimited space in your bathroom, there would never be any problems when looking for space to store your essentials. Sadly though, after fitting a bath, shower, toilet and basin, there’s only very little space left for bathroom storage solutions.

We have picked out 5 clever ways in which you can fit storage into even the smallest of bathrooms.

Bathroom Storage Cabinets
Make sure every inch of space utilised. A bathroom wall cabinet is a great way to create storage and to jazz up an empty wall. You can use it to store a variety of different bathroom items whilst maintaining a stylish, organised look.

Bathroom Storage Baskets and Boxes
A huge modern favourite are chic woven baskets, but there is a great selection of styles and design of baskets and boxes on the market. They are a very effective bathroom storage idea because they can be tucked away, used as a feature or even stacked away anywhere where there’s space.

Bathroom Sink Vanity Unit
A sink vanity unit is a great bathroom storage solution. It can be used as extra storage space to tidy away unsightly bathroom necessities which you might not have space for elsewhere.

Mirrored Bathroom Cabinet
Keep your bathroom looking simple and stylish with an illuminated mirror cabinet. It will provide your bathroom with extra storage space to keep clutter to a minimum as well as some very sophisticated lighting.

Under the Bath
If you’ve got a bath with a removable front panel then you can use it to store away the simple things such as toilet roll and your bathroom cleaners. The great thing about this storage idea is that guests won’t even realise it’s being used as storage and will marvel at your newly decluttered bathroom.

Do you have any clever bathroom storage ideas you could share with us? We would love to read them in the comments.

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