5 Affordable Ways to Make Your Bathroom Like a Spa

Affordable Ways to Make Your Bathroom Like a Spa

Everyone needs a little bit of “me time” now and again, but if you haven’t got the money to splash out on fancy treatments then why not make your bathroom into a spa?

We’ve come up with 5 affordable ways to make your bathroom like a spa for you, to create the perfect pamper room to de-stress and unwind.

#1 Set the Mood

Lighting is one of the key factors to a relaxing and soothing atmosphere. Try closing the blinds to block out any unwanted light and add some pretty tea-light candles and a dimmer control to help soften the lighting. A glamorous Hollywood mirror with lights or other stylish LED bathroom mirrors will cast an ambient light setting to get a bathroom spa look and feel.

#2 Sensual Smells

Your home spa wouldn’t be complete without aromatherapy. Scents are well known for boosting one’s mood and sense of wellbeing. They are an affordable way to create a calm, soothing atmosphere, one of the essential bathroom spa accessories.

From scented candles to diffusers or incense, the right fragrance will enhance your sensual experience.

#3 Soothing Sounds

A spa treatment wouldn’t be complete without some tranquil sounds. To create that extra relaxing vibe in your own bathroom spa, create a playlist with some soothing tones. Sit back, relax and unwind.

#4 Warm up with Heated Towels

After having a nice long hot bath or shower, no one want’s to wrap up with a cold towel, especially during the winter months.  There’s no better way to remain cosy than to wrap up in a fluffy, warm towel. If you haven’t got a fancy spa towel-warming gadget or unit then a nice hot radiator, or wrapping your towel around a hot water bottle will do the trick.

#5 Comfort is Key

After your relaxing bath or shower don’t think that your little “me” time is over just yet. A warm fluffy dressing gown, slippers and a mug of hot chocolate will keep you relaxed and snug. Finish off your spa experience by relaxing on the sofa watching a feel good movie. Perfect!

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