5 Benefits of Buying a New Build Home

Finding the perfect property to be your new home is no easy task and can be quite daunting, particularly as it is one of the largest purchases you will ever make. Properties come in all shapes, sizes, ages and locations and you don’t always get when you expect when you step inside the door, that is unless you opt for buying a new build home.

There are many advantages to opting for new build, whether it is to be your perfect pad or a buy to let property to help boost your retirement fund. Take advantage of our new build home advice and heed these top 5 tips:

#1 New Build Home Floor Plans
If you are buying your new build home “off plan”, meaning that it has not yet been built or completed you will be able to make changes to the house to suit your requirements. This could be something major like changing the garage into an extra internal room, or smaller things like having extra sockets or light switches installed. You will also be able to choose the finishes, that is the kitchen and bathroom suites as well and styles of flooring and tiling throughout the property.

#2 New Build – New Everything
When you move into the property everything will be brand new, so there will be nothing that you need to do immediately. In fact, any major repairs or redecoration should not be required for a few years, unless of course your are bursting to add you own stamp.

#3 New Build Home Warranty
Your new property will come with a 10 year warranty and protection scheme from the NHBC (National House Building Council). Your new build home warranty means that the builder has to put right any damage caused to the house that is a result of the property not being built to the NHBC standards.

#4 No Chain
When buying a brand new property there is no chain involved in the purchase. Making the house buying process a lot smoother with less that can go wrong.

#5 Money Savings
New build homes are constructed with the latest technologies in insulation, double glazing, heating and hot water systems, which makes them not only very economic but also very safe and secure. It is much more cost effective to run a new home than its drafty older counterpart. In fact, new homes can be up to four times more energy efficient. It also means you don’t need know how to find a good builder.

For busy families buying a new build property gives you precious time back to enjoy rather than being confined to what can be the torcher of DIY every weekend that come with older properties that require constant maintenance to bring them up to date.

If you are looking at a new property as a landlord to place with a lettings agent, all of the benefits listed will pass to your prospective tenants saving both you and them money. A new build property is sure to attract professional trustworthy tenants too which will secure any landlord a steady reliable income.

Have you own a new build home? Perhaps you prefer the DIY challenges of an older property. Let us know in the comments.

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