Does dying your hair damage it?

Whether you are a regular visitor to the hairdressers for a colouring treatment, or it is something you are considering, you are sure to have heard many tales from friends and do-gooders and are now wondering- is colouring your hair good or bad? Will hair dye damage your hair?

Many fables tell how hair dye damages your hair, how you should have your hair coloured when dirty and that heated styling products will cause your colour to fade. But which of these, if any, are worth worrying about?

Should you dye you hair when it is clean or dirty?
This really depends on the colour treatment you are having. Semi-permanents or colour gloss treatments do not contain ammonia and are non-oxidative, so it is best to have clean hair for these treatments to ensure the ample colour is achieved.It is a different matter for hiding those greys. Better results will be achieved is your  hair is left unwashed for a few days to avoid any buildup from products and to protect you from irritation.In general, for blonde treatments and highlights, your stylist will be using products containing bleach which will strip through any dirt or products coating the hair. So clean or dirty, it doesn’t have any impact on your colour.

So does dying hair causes damage?
Semi-permanent and gloss colour treatments don’t cause as much damage because they don’t contain bleach or ammonia, and they can leave your hair beautifully shiny too.

An experienced technician is needed when opting for a permanent hair colour as it can break down the protein structures in the hair. An experienced hairdresser will minimise any damage and give advice on how to build the structures back up and keep your hair in good condition. This is particularly the case with highlighting treatments. Should anything go wrong when using an experienced qualified technician you will be covered should you need to pursue a hair dye compensation claim.

Coloured hair roots are always lighter
If you are going from a light colour to dark or trying to stave away the grey it is inevitable that you are going to be able to see roots once there has been a bit of hair growth due to the contrast in the colours. However, regular root touch ups will keep the problem in hand.

Opting for a gloss, or a permanent colour that is close to your natural colour will help you avoid a tide-line. A gloss will gently fade with hair washing and growth which avoids any stark contrasts in coloured hair and the roots.

Does heat damage your hair dye?
Styling your coloured hair with heat, straightening, curling and blow drying can cause a breakdown in the protein structures in the hair. However, this does not mean that you can never style your hair, simply add a styling serum to protect your hair before applying the heat.

Do you need a special shampoo and conditioner?
So is it necessary to buy a professional, coloured hair shampoo and conditioner, they are so much more expensive than the supermarket? Well, it is for a good reason, as the professional products generally contain protein, which helps to rebuild the protein structures to repair hair that may have been damaged during the colour process.  Aside from that they are great at cleaning and treating the hair without stripping the colour.

So, should you colour your hair?
For the feel good factor, taking good care of your appearance and enhancing your looks, YES! Just be sure to use a recommended salon or hairdresser who is fully qualified. An experienced stylist will manage your expectations, find the perfect shade for you and give you all the hair care advice that you need to keep you hair in tip top condition and avoid any hair dye damage or hair injury compensation.


Hopefully now you have the answer to is colouring your hair good or bad? Let us know your opinions now, in the comments below.

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