Six Wedding Entertainment Ideas To Wow Your Guests

It’s famously said that “marriages are made in heaven, but celebrated on earth”.  Call it a cliché, but your wedding day is one of the biggest and most special milestones in your life.

You want your day to be unique and a stand-out day that’s fondly etched into the memories of all your wedding guests. As you start preparing for the big day, you may worry about how to entertain your guests.  After all, celebrating with your family and friends is what makes a wedding so memorable.

Whether you have a large wedding at the beach or a quaint celebration in a small, unique venue, luckily, the wedding entertainment industry is a big, booming business.

Here are some of the best wedding entertainment ideas that will really wow your guests…

1) Sophisticated Welcome Bags


Welcome your guests in style with a sophisticated wedding tote bag. An American concept that’s crossed the pond, the bag provides your guests with ‘wedding essentials.’ It includes everything they need for the wedding events, such as the itinerary, savoury and sweet snacks, water, a little tipple and even a hangover cure.

But why stop there? Add a touch of personality and include a souvenir that can be cherished long after your day. Other ideas include a personalised bottle of the local brew, a guide of must-visit places in the area or even samples of the loose pigment makeup you were wearing on your special day.

2) Live Wedding Band


Sick of a cheesy wedding DJWell, for a truly immersive, authentic, and classy way to entertain your guests hire a live wedding band. A live band will create a magical background for all your laughs, smiles and giggles. What’s best is that there’s a vast pool of talented wedding musicians out there, so you’ll find the perfect band to suit your event. From cover bands to singing waiters, vintage to folk and pop to rock.

You’ll uncover that special sound for our wedding whatever genre of music you’re into.

You can break down the boundaries of location too with many professional live music agencies providing band hire throughout the United Kingdom. Many wedding bands, wedding DJs and wedding singers are well accustomed to being “on the road” so are more than happy travelling to meet the criteria of South Wales wedding band, a wedding band in Suffolk or a Nottingham wedding band for example. Distance is no

3) Photo Booth


The memories created by a wedding photo booth will make you smile for years to come. The fun and frolics that a photo booth will generate at your wedding is second to none.  The photos make perfect keepsakes to be shared with your children and grandchildren in future years. Just imagine the roars of laughter as you reminisce about how crazy your great aunt and grandad looked wearing colourful wigs, oversized specs and moustaches.

Take your booth one step further with a video booth.  Family and friends can record a short message which will serve as unique way of documenting your big day.

4) Surprise Dance

Just when your guests feel that the wedding entertainment can’t get any better, add a little extra special flavour with a surprise wedding dance to mark the momentous occasion.  This is not your first dance, or your father and daughter dance, but an extra performance that can include key members of your wedding party. Be warned, it may take a bit a few rehearsals before the big day to get it right.  It should be a well choreographed routine which may require the help of a dance teacher. For the piece de resistance – why not ask your live wedding band to play the music?

5) A Great Bar


How can you entertain your guests without a well-stocked and well-tended bar? Get creative and add something a little more special to your wedding venue bar. Theme it around your favourite tipple, the season or perhaps a favourite collectable or hobby. Take inspiration from some of these beautiful ideas.

6) Hire a Babysitter


So, you’ve arranged the best wedding entertainment that’s guaranteed to wow your guests. But unfortunately, most of your guests are going to end up sat in the corner watching their kids. So, how do you ensure that the mums and dads can truly ‘let loose’ and have the best time at your wedding reception? Simple. Hire a babysitter/ creche facility. Pick a room either at the venue or somewhere close to it. Stock the place with board games, toys and movies. Add some snacks and the kids will have the time of their lives too.

Are you considering any of these wedding entertainment ideas for your big day? Remeber, these do not have to only be used for the big day, why not take inspiration for the an up and coming christmas party?Why not share your plans with us in the comments. 

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