Inspiration In Taking Up Art As A Hobby

The joys of drawing are unparalleled – not only is it a creativity outlet and mentally stimulating, it relieves stress, lifts your mood and the pride and satisfaction in looking at something you created boosts your self-confidence. Now could be a good time to take up art as a hobby.


For inspiration in taking up art as a hobby, take a look at these artists – they started drawing from a young age and every professional artist’s career begins life as a hobby.


Art, paint. paper.
Paint, brush & paper.


Jethro Jackson:


Born on the North Cornish coast in 1979,  Jackson has an affinity with seascapes and coastlines. Drawing from an early age, he is most famous for his striking and evocative paintings of coastlines, using a combination of oil pastels, sketches, photographs and memories. The artist loves ‘the remoteness and seclusion of certain parts of Cornwall’ and ‘finds great satisfaction in the isolation and solitude of beaches that can only be accessed by foot’’, and this is where he gets inspiration for his paintings. Currently residing in Wadebridge, Cornwall, Jackson has an art gallery nearby called Porthilly Gallery in Rock, a peaceful coastal fishing village.


Coastlines, Art, birds, sea.
Painting of the coastline.


David Howell:


An honorary member of the pure watercolour society, David Howell specialises in equestrian racing pictures and in painting ‘’en plein air’’ (in open air). Yorkshire born and bred from 1939, Howell works abroad in the Arabian desert and in Italy, working with watercolour, oils and pastels and drawing inspiration from the French Impressionist movement. A famous landscape and marine painter, Howell says that he’s been drawing and sketching from a young age, eventually leading to him exhibiting his artwork not only in the UK, but internationally too.


Michael Storey:


Presently living in Shepton Mallet, Somerset, Michael Storey’s artwork shows traces of his far-flung upbringing. Born in 1948 Surrey, he moved to New Zealand with his family, before settling in Australia aged 20. From there, he developed a love for Australian wildlife and from 1981, a passion for sculpture. He specialises in handmade bronze-patinised animal sculptures, such as hares, seahorses and herons. Storey’s work is popular across the UK and North America, with movement, tension and texture being the foundation of each of his sculptures.


Elephant sculpture
Elephant sculpture


Sorarya French:


Winning countless awards such as ‘Artist of the Year’ at the Artist and Illustrators Exhibition and the Edwin Young award and publishing two books, international artist Sorarya French has certainly made a name for herself. Demonstrating versatility in art, French specialises in watercolours, acrylics, oils and pastels, with light and colour being the most important elements in her paintings. The Iranian artist moved to England in 1977 and draws artistic inspiration from African market scenes, musicians, as well as landscapes, ethnicity and beaches.


Jeremy Houghton:


An internationally recognised fine artist, Jeremy Houghton rose to prominence after being commissioned to paint Queen Elizabeth II presenting a new riband to her majesty’s gentlemen at arms on the occasion of quincentenary. Working with oils and watercolours, he trained at the world-renowned Slade School of Art in London after graduating with a law degree and most recently, has become known for his paintings of flamingos. Houghton says that they give him ‘complete versatility because they’re always moving and giving different shapes, colours, lights and reflections’.


If you would like to see the fantastic work by these professional artists for further inspiration in taking up art as a hobby, their work are proudly displayed at the contemporary Wykeham Gallery in Hampshire.


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