Top 10 Secret Santa Gift Ideas for 2020

A joyful time of the year. A time when people come together to laugh, cry and reminisce, looking back on the year that has just passed. For those who have missed the Christmas warning signs, the run up to Christmas has officially begun.

When celebrating whether with family, friends or colleagues, the giving of Secret Santa gifts to an unwitting recipient is a time old tradition. 

Whether the name has been picked out of the hat, or you have chosen your victim, deciding what are good Secret Santa gifts can be hard work. You want to pick the perfect, funny, yet thoughtful gift that the recipient will love and appreciate. 

This is where we can help. Here to make the task of gift giving that little bit less stressful on the run up to Christmas, we have put together our top 10 secret Santa gift ideas regardless of your budget. 

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Our Top 10 Secret Santa Gift Ideas for 2020

1. Gin Making Kit


There is no denying that Gin is still all the rage, that is why our first idea makes the perfect top 10 secret Santa gift ideas for all. 

Regardless of their preference of gin, this home gin making kit allows recipients to get experimental while giving a gift that they can appreciate and savour throughout the year. To support our wild claims of this being a perfect Secret Santa gift idea, Philip Schofield voted this as one of his top picks on How to Spend it Well at Christmas 2019.

Available at Sandly Leaf Farm for £7.99

2. Christmas Cheer Baubles Set


A fantastic secret Santa idea to get everyone in the festive mood and that is these superb Christmas Cheer Shaped Baubles Set. The perfect gift for those friends or colleagues that love a tipple or two, these fun baubles will look magnificent when hanging on their Christmas tree. 

Made from glass, this set of four features all the firm favourites: Gin, Whiskey, Red Wine and Prosecco. 

Available at Maia Gifts for £9.99

3. Personalised set of Enamel mugs


A fun, practical and personalised secret santa for that outdoorsy friend who is forever looking for their next adventure. A true treat that they can pack along for the journey, this set of 2 personalised mugs are 12oz in size and durable.

Available to purchase from Clever Fox Prints, we love these simple and stylish mugs with their mountainous picture igniting our desire to get outdoors and discover new wonders.

Available at Clever Fox Prints for $37

4. Beer Puzzle


With staying at home being the new going out, there is no better gift than a gift that the recipient can immersive themselves in. Puzzles proven to possess many benefits ranging from brain workout and memory improvement, we are confident that this Beer Puzzle will go down a treat.

Each can comes with 2 x 100 piece puzzles, choose between ale, lager or stout.

Available at Luckies for £14.95

5. Acupressure Cushion 


A secret Santa gift that enters into the higher price bracket and that is this acupressure cushion from Yoke Wellness. Ideal for those friends who are in dire need of stopping and switching off even for a short moment

Promising calm and relaxation, acupressure is proven to relax the body and calm muscle tension and headaches, perfect for those in high pressured jobs.

Available at Yoke Wellness for £39.99

6. Evil Eye Sterling Silver Ring


A small and fashionable secret Santa gift ideas for the recipient who likes always to look their best, give the gift and give this adorable 925 sterling silver Evil Eye Ring.

Adjustable so it can be fitted to the recipient’s fingers, this one size fits all gold plated ring is sure to be a success.

Available at Bycecelux for £25

7. 007 Shaken: The Official James Bond Cocktail Book


For the recipient who is a huge 007 fan and a little downhearted that this year’s release in the franchise of James Bond was postponed, give this fantastic cocktail book this christmas.

Allowing them to re-enact and pretend that they themselves are James Bond, this cocktail book will impress and get people experimenting and making their new favourite cocktail.

Available at 007 Store for £15

8. Chocolate Hamper


A failsafe and reliable option, whether for friends, distant family or employees, spread some cheer this festive season and give a chocolate hamper.

Love Cocoa is a top example of a company that is putting together chocolate hampers and packages that it can send out to the recipient. Fitting neatly through a letter box, vegan options are also available.

Available at Love Cocoa starting at £35.00 

9. PlayStation Icons Light


We all have that friend, that one person who loves gaming. Whether getting excited about the latest game to be released, or bragging about the latest level that they have mastered; working out what to buy them is tough. 

What you can be confident of, and that is their love of the Playstation Icons Light. Illuminating their room and their love of gaming, light up their gaming den this Christmas with this top 10 Secret Santa gift idea.

Available at Firebox for £24.9

10. Hoya Heart Plant


The fun part of Secret Santa and that is not knowing who your gift is from. When giving a gift with love this Christmas, let the recipient know that you care and give a Hoya Heart Plant. 

An adorable heart shaped succulent plant, this plant promises to spread a little extra Christmas joy this holiday season.

Available at The Little Botanical for £10

Christmas is a time of giving and joy and nothing is more joyful than giving a gift to a recipient without them knowing who the gift came from.

Although a difficult task, we hope we have helped when it comes to the task of choosing the best Secret Santa gift that can spark a smile this Christmas. 

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