Adult Fancy Dress Characters at their Best

 Adult Fancy Dress Characters at their Best
I am not sure you will ever see a more sensational array of adult fancy dress costumes in any one place as at the London Super Comic Book Convention. This American inspired assembly sees comic book fans gather from far and wide to celebrate their fetish for everything superhero.

The event is now in its fourth year and with over 25,000 fans expected to visit over the events weekend run, it can be described as nothing less than spectacular. Held at the Excel Centre in London, comic book fans adorned in elaborate and often skimpy costumes amass to network, learn and shop everything comic book.

As the largest comic book event in the UK and the third in pop culture, it brings together characters from movies, gaming, books, comics and Anime. The festivities of the event include:

Meeting Creators

Artists and writers from the UK, America and Europe gather giving the opportunity for fans to meet them and answer questions.

Meeting Publishers

It’s not all down to the creators, without the presence of the publisher there would be nothing to read. Visiting publishers give the heads up on new releases and are available to give any fan portfolios the once over.

Sales Stands

Thousands of stands offer comic back issues, toys, statues, clothing, games, infact anything related to superhero comics, making it an out of this world shopping experience.


For the fans of costumes and theatrical makeup, and those that make them, there are guests from the costume making community from around the world. The London Super Costume Championship is also held as part of the event drawing in realistic and elaborate cartoon and film fancy dress costumes.

The array and standard of the fans costumes are simply breathtaking. Paying homage to a comic book favourite is a very serious business, with tributes being paid to Guardians of the Galaxy, the Lego Movie, Batman, Star Wars and many more.

Some visitors live up to the role of their character throughout the day, acting out scenes from their favourite films and comic strips with their fellow addicts . Others carried out their usual business in full costume. Seeing a colourful cross-section of characters drinking coffee, getting cash and even pushing prams is a show in itself.

The Daily Mail photograph and the accompanying article really says it all.

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