Keep Up The Self Care This Quarantine With Our Top Tips

With the figures of new cases of COVID-19 continuing to rise daily, an immediate end to our quarantine looks unlikely and unexpected anytime soon. For those struggling with this sudden lack of freedom and the feeling of entrapment, taking time out to practice self care is highly recommended.

As our days become filled with constant news streams, strolling through various social media sites and hours spent lounging on the sofa, this time can have a detrimental effect on our mental health.

By making sure to put some time daily aside and conduct some much-needed self-care, you can ensure that you emerge from this lockdown, a happier and healthier being. 

Within this blog, we will share our top recommended self-care ideas that we can all complete with limited or no available space and that when conducted daily, helping to continue to give us hope and appreciation for our personal health and wellbeing

Top self-care ideas for you to try at home


1- Read or listen to a book

Whether you prefer crime fiction or an autobiography, the first of the recommended self care ideas for quarantine and that is to either read or listen to a book. By taking time our to immerse yourself into another universe, you can unwind and allow your creative juices to get flowing. 

2- Practice Feng Shui

A vital addition in Japanese culture, the power of Feng Shui is not to be missed out on. Use this time of quarantine to move and rearrange your home, helping to improve its energy and power. 

From rearranging the furniture to moving ornaments and plants, you can see an instant improvement in the energy within your home.

3- Learn Yoga

Use this time to take up yoga or remaster and improve your flow. A vital exercise that allows you to take time out to recenter and ground your body, you will be amazed at how chilled and calm you feel after a brief 30 minute session. Working and connecting with your body, yoga also focuses on the power of the breath, something that is valuable in helping us to calm any anxieties.


4- DIY

With online shopping actively encouraged by the UK government, use this time of quarantine to conduct those much needed home DIY projects that you have been putting off. By taking the time to purchase and complete those smaller projects, along with remaining busy, you can also add value and feel a new sense of pride in your home and your achievements. 

5- Learn new skills

Although there is an overwhelming amount of fear of the unknown and an uncertainty of when this ordeal will all be over, instead of remaining negative, use this time of quarantine and see it as a positive. Instead of moping bored at home, use this free time to learn a new skill. Perhaps its learning to speak Italian, a lifelong dream or touching up on your work qualifications to become better at your job, use this time to invest in yourself and develop for the better.

6- Workout

A lot like time spent practicing yoga, use this time of quarantine to work out. Regardless if you live in a house or a small studio apartment, there are exercises that can be completed for all sizes of homes. From the use of a skipping rope, star jumps and the exciting selection of videos and apps available at our fingertips, there really is no excuse for not exercising. 

7- Socialise

If you are cooped up at home alone, it will not take long until the feeling of isolation and loneliness will begin to creep in and affect your mental health. Use this time of lockdown to connect with friends and family. Along with helping you feel connected, this time spent catching up can benefit and help ease any anxieties that they too might be experiencing. Through the use of Zoom, House Party and WhatsApp, you can talk, video call and chat with friends and family all day long. 

8- Do nothing

A beneficial and required activity and time out that is recommended for us all, another top self care idea for quarantine and that is to do nothing. Although we do not recommend to laze around and do nothing the entire time, taking a few days out to recharge your batteries and recuperate is recommended for all. Helping you to feel re-energized and a new sense of relaxation. 

9- Get inventing

Have you had an exciting product idea or a business plan that you have putting off? Use this time of quarantine to put that idea onto paper and start reviewing the viability of this project. With great ideas often stemmed from unsure and dark times, use this opportunity to create and push yourself to try something new.


10- Get arty

There is something satisfying and somewhat therapeutic about art! From adult colouring in books, knitting to jewellery making, another top recommended self care idea for quarantine that will instantly make you feel calmer and that is to get arty. Allowing you to get your creative juices flowing and to release the inner artist within, there are many YouTube materials and sites for those looking at where to start. If things hands on approach to creativity is not your cup of tea, why not consider creating a blog. To share, educate and entertain, a blog could prove valuable in allowing you to practice and hone your writing technique.

11- Declutter

If you are being drawn more to the idea of home renovation and DIY tasks during your time in quarantine, a home decluttering is also to be recommended. Allowing you to clear out and review the amount of items that you own, you can make space and keep only those said items that add value and sentiment to your home. Whether the possession of old ornaments or unworn clothes, use this time to have a thorough clean out. 

12- Start a journal 

Another top self care ideas for quarantine and that is to create a daily journal. Allowing you to write and record your daily emotions and thoughts, the idea of the journal is to give you an activity that you can continue when life resumes and continues back to normal. Able to be looked back on, years in the future, your raw emotions at present can help bring clarity and prove useful in helping to calm yourself in these daunting times.

13- Get cooking

For some cooking, can be a form of meditation, for others it can be a fun activity that allows you to get experimental and creative, one way to practice self care during quarantine and that is to get cooking. By cooking with delicious, fresh and healthy ingredients, as well as nursing and feeding the body, you can attempt those collections of recipes that you have not yet had time to try.

14- Soak it out

Use this time of lockdown to stop, slow down and run yourself a hot bath to unwind. Whether you prefer salts or a bubble bath, we recommend lighting a few scented candles, putting on a soothing playlist and dimming the lights. Use this recommended self-care activity as a way to help slow and tire your body before bed, perfect for those who struggle to fall asleep.

15- Meditate

A top self care activity for quarantine that has already been touched upon briefly, if you are persuaded to attempt meditation, use this time as the perfect excuse. 

Helping you to stop, switch off and focus on the feelings that you are experiencing, time spent meditating has numerous health benefits and can be used to help ground and calm your continuous mind. 

16- Disconnect

Our final self care ideas for quarantine and that is to disconnect. Take time out to disconnect, whether from the TV, your mobile phone to even music. Enjoy the beauty of silence and use the silence that surrounds you to focus and calm your constantly worrying headspace


There you have it, our 16 top tips on how to practice self care during quarantine. From helping you to release your inner artist, learn a new skill to attempting those colourful, flavoursome recipes that you have yet to make time for, use this time of lockdown and isolation to better yourself.

By taking the time out to work and improve your skills, use this time of quarantine to connect with your inner being, working to calm and settle your anxious mind. A time of uncertainty and loneliness, make sure to take time out to connect with family and friends.

We would love to hear from you and to discover what of the above self care ideas when in quarantine that you have tried and which you are looking forward to completing? 

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