Mirror Mirror on the Wall……..

illuminated mirror

It must be every girls dream to have a Hollywood vanity mirror.  The ones surrounded by light bulbs that are depicted in the movies as dressing room attire for the stars.  I feel the significance of such a mirror, back in the days of black and white movies, was not for vanity reasons but to show women as icons.

My eleven year old daughter would love an illuminated mirror of this kind as she experiments with her vast collection of makeup, ensconced in her bedroom for hours recreating looks from YouTube.

I am reliably informed, by my 11 year old, that good lighting is vital when applying makeup.  To be honest I have been wearing my makeup the same for years and could probably apply it in the dark.  Shame on me!  Perhaps my daughter could teach me a thing or two.

I could be to blame for my daughter’s obsession with both makeup and illuminated vanity mirrors after buying her a dress up version with battery operated lighting when she was just a toddler.  Hindsight is wonderful thing.

All that said I recently stayed for a weekend in a hotel, a regular well known chain, and I got very excited when there was a complete vanity unit complete with hairdryer, shelving for my make-up and to top it all a dedicated switch to illuminate the mirror.  All just for me!  An area for myself to indulge in the time to get ready out of the way of the way of the family in my own little bubble.  The design for practicality of modern hotel rooms is just brilliant and should I have the capability to apply these designs to my own home could probably live in a much more organised and streamlined home.

Prior to my hotel stay, I had not realised that modern mirrors had progressed so far.  I am still getting my head around the change in light bulbs, halogen, led, energy saving, dimmable and so on.  It seems that the Hollywood style mirror has a large market and is available for us all to feel like a star in our own home.  They have the added bonus of “life long” led lights and added cabinets for storage.  There are even models that light up as you close the cabinet door, ready for you to shave, do your hair or apply make up.  Amazing!

This is quite something when mirrors, for vanity, were not even invented until 1835 and now they are almost works of art, interior design statements and practical solutions to storage and lighting.  Something I have learnt to pass on to my daughter is that makeup was used way before vanity mirrors, so there are plenty of people that have applied makeup without the need for an illuminated vanity mirror.  However, I am sure I will give in and indulge her as I am rather in love with these beautiful mirrors myself.

Every girl needs a mirror but once you have one I bet you can’t get the men out the way for you to use it.

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