Maintain Your Hot Tub With These Easy Steps

Hot Tub Maintenance Made Easy

Before any major purchase, it is important to understand fully the ongoing costs that may be incurred with maintenance, or the time taken to carry it out yourself. We all understand that when buying a car it has to be serviced yearly, well this applies to lots of other major items too including hot tubs.

In order for you and your family to enjoy your spa for years to come, a hot tub maintenance schedule is essential. Not a clue where to start? Don’t panic! It’s not a difficult as you think, and if after our hot tub maintenance basics you still feel confused there are plenty of hot tub maintenance companies that will happily sell you a contract to carry out the work for you.

Your hot tub maintenance can be made easy investing just a few minutes a week to ensure the tub exterior, water chemistry and filters are tip top.

External Care
Your hot tub is subject to the elements all year round, and vulnerable to their damage. To ensure that the hot tub cover is treated to extend the life of its appearance apply a vinyl protector. This should be carried out once a month.

The acrylic outer shell of the hot tub should simply be wiped down with a damp cloth regularly to keep it free of dust, dirt and the elements.

Internal Care
To maintain clean, clear, safe water the balance should be checked every couple of days with test strips. Compare the strip to its container and adjust your chemicals accordingly.

Although the chemical balance of your hot tub sounds complicated, it is more of an art than a science and so it’s something that you will get used to.  A general hot tub maintenance guideline is to use the alphabet when adjusting chemicals.

  1. Alkalinity
  2. Bromine or Chlorine sanitizer
  3. Hardness (calcium)
  4. pH

It is hard to get everything to balance at once, but things will generally work out if you can keep the chlorine level and pH level balanced whilst working on the alkalinity and hardness.

Whilst trying to balance the chemicals only add one chemical at a time and then wait for them to disperse naturally, around two hours, before testing and adjusting again.

Finally, the water in your hot tub should be fully changed two to four times a year depending on how much the tub is used.

Still Confused?
If you are still confused and think that you will do more harm than good to your hot tub then it is advised that you use a reputable hot tub maintenance company to carry out the work for you. This will ensure the look and performance of your hot tub continues, along with its use remaining a source of stress relief and relaxation.

Do you carry out your own hot tub maintenance? Is it something you find easy? Share your top tips with us in the comments.

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