Self Storage: The Best Storage Solution For Your Hobby


Hobbies, whether they’re big or small take up space in your home. If you’re a collector or you have decided to take up a new sport you might find yourself struggling to find the extra room. You must be looking for the best storage solution for your hobby?

If you still want to use your hobby tools frequently – even daily – but your home just looks too cluttered with all the hobby craft lying around, then you need to start looking into alternate storage options. Have you considered self storage? Here are some top tips that show why you should:


Self-storage units are the ideal place to put your hobby collections or sporting equipment to ensure they are kept secure, dry and clean.  Security is paramount if you planning on leaving valuable items inside, and we know there are many collections that a value can not even be put on whether it be a personal or monetary.

Many self storage companies also offer insurance packages, so your precious hobby collections or equipment is definitely safe whilst in their hands.

Weather Protection

When choosing your self storage you want to make sure that your items are protected from adverse weather. Some units might leak so it’s important that you check to see how secure the storage unit is before you start moving your valuable items in. It is advisable to search out a reputable, well-known storage firm.

24/7 Access

Some storage units will only be accessible during specific times of the day. City Storeself storage Luton have 24 hour access so you will be able to get to your items no matter what the time of the day with peace of mind that they are under to protection of 24 hour state-of-the-art security accessible with you very own personal pin code. You can find many self storage companies with a quick Google search.

Have you used a self-storage unit before? Would you recommend it as a solution for storing hobby paraphernalia? Let us know in the comments.

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