New Years Eve Home Style, Party In Your Space This Winter

There is always a pressure surrounding New Years Eve plans. Making sure to throw the perfect party to both close the year off, and start the new one with a bang can be extremely hard. Not to mention very expensive.

Going out for New Year’s Eve can be a pain within itself. Even the smallest, most casual bars require the need to purchase tickets in advance or committing to spending a generous amount on both drinks and food; in order to secure a spot at one of their smallest tables for the entire evening.

While many people don’t mind doing this for a great night out, there are still the extra additions of stress. This can involve transportation, outfits and even longer lines for the loo when you’re absolutely bursting to go!

So, why not make an attempt at hosting your very own New Years party from the comfort of your own home? Think of it this way. A house party can be cost convenient, cosy, and as casual as you wish. Hosting at home avoids the inevitable dilemmas of a night out, and can allow you to cuddle up on the sofa at 12:01; rather than waiting in the cold for a taxi for hours on end, with the most painful shoes on that are now an NYE regret.

It may sound very tempting, but hosting a party at home can still come with its difficulties. Which is where we can help. Below are our top tips to help you to prepare the home for this years big ending event; helping you to get it right every time.

Host With A Theme

NYE party

If you think the house party should be large and flamboyant; then why not invite everyone to get involved in organising and executing the theme. The best thing about this is, the idea that it can be totally your own, and extravagant as you wish.

So, why not make it personal? Ask all of your guests to come dressed as they did when they were younger; to bring a happy nostalgia to mark the start of the New Year. Not to mention, this will certainly allow all of your guests to relish in their past memories; appreciating that you’re all still together at this fabulous time!

Or, why not carry on the season celebrations, and keep your New Year’s party Christmas themed? This way, the house can stay nicely decorated and your guests can come as their favourite bauble; or even steal the show as the Grinch. The ideas are up to you.

Plan A Meal

A New Years Eve party doesn’t have to be all about being up on the dancefloor drinking the night away; oh no! In fact, hosting a hearty sit-down dinner with your selection of guests is another brilliant way to celebrate the commencing of a New Year, and connect with your guests without having to scream into their faces to get a word in edgeways.

If doing this, choose a menu that your guests will remember. Being both creative and delicious, there’s no way they won’t be asking for seconds!

NYE party

The meal doesn’t have to be challenging to make, however, just taste bud tingling! There are a whole selection of pre-prepared party foods and desserts throughout local supermarkets; you just have to find the best food for you! And this way, you won’t be slaving away in the kitchen all day, perfect.

Then, supply the perfect music, table decor and tipple to match the ambience; and you will have yourself a very respectable New Years Eve dinner party.

Arrange Fun Activities

From tradition, we all know that the annual new year’s parties tend to run a lot longer than those spontaneous Saturday nights out. So, there is the slight possibility that some guests might end up getting a little bored throughout the night.

NYE party

Because of this, it would be recommended to plan ahead of time and arrange some light-hearted, and slightly embarrassing party games for the guests to get into! They don’t have to be overly organised either, instead simply placed around the room or brought out when the party is at its peak. No one ever turned down a game of limbo at 1 in the morning!

Make The Alcohol Accessible

A great way to make guests feel welcome and ready to party is to have the alcohol plentiful and on display. Having pre-poured flutes of the best champagne, or even a punch bowl of your very own crafted cocktail will be a sure way to show the guests exactly where the party is!

However, for those that are a little more sensible than the rest; it would be a good idea to provide a selection of soft drinks, and in particular, ample amounts of water. This way, guests have a great selection of mixtures to choose from, as well as the option of water to hydrate their bodies.

The Details

When hosting a party, it is important to think further than the music, food and booze. These guests are being welcomed into your home, where you are intending on offering them a night to remember. Adding small, personable details to the party won’t go amiss either. In fact, it’ll likely make the party more of a hit.

For example, it could be as simple as handing out shot glasses of mouthwash; or offering a bowl of mints out before the clock strikes twelve; ready for those New Year kisses of course! Or, you could plan an open DJ station, where guests have the ability to put on whichever music they wish. This way, everyone will be able to play their favourite tunes, making their party experience all the more better.

One very important detail that should not go amiss, is always having cameras at hand. To be safe, it is recommended that you purchase disposable ones. Then, the fun continues when they are developed. Sifting through the print outs will allow the guests and yourself to re-live a fantastic night and cringe at all the appalling selfies that had been taken far too late into the night…


New Year’s Eve is all about being with loved ones, having fun and celebrating the end of a hopefully fantastic year. The party doesn’t always have to be perfect. If it is surrounded in the comfort of close friends and family, you can remain confident that you are inviting and welcoming in the New Year with all your loved ones.

By following the simple, yet effective, steps shown above; there is no way your New Years Eve party will be a flop, only a success! Don’t be afraid to put your own spin onto it. These steps do not have to be followed to the point. In fact, it may make the planning process even better, by personalising each part of your party; to cater to both yourself and guests.

So there we have it. The top tips for planning the best at home new years party! Have you ever had a New Years Eve house party? Did it go to plan? We would love to hear from you.

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